Will there be a tier 4 unemployment extension in Texas?

Question by : Will there be a tier 4 unemployment extension in Texas?
The following sources claim we are at 8.5% in Texas now which should qualify Texas for Tier 4 unemployment benefits.

“The Texas and national unemployment rate stands at 8.5 percent and 9.6 percent, respectively.”

“The statewide jobless rates, which is seasonally adjusted, is 8.5 percent, the commission reported.”

“An increasing amount of Americans want to move to Texas, according to a recent survey by a homeowner relocation Web site. Attracted by stable real estate prices and a relatively low unemployment rate of 8.5 percent..”

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Answer by Lisa
Some claimants have heard news reports about EUC Tier 4 benefits. In order for a state to qualify for Tier 4 benefits, its unemployment rate must reach 8.5%. The average three-month unemployment rate in Texas is 8.3%.
Should Texas reach 8.5% and become eligible for EUC Tier 4 benefits, we will immediately notify all potentially eligible claimants by mail. The EUC deadline must be extended for Texas to be eligible for Tier 4.

I got this off of the website.

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3 Responses to “Will there be a tier 4 unemployment extension in Texas?”

  • rrlady:

    I can only hope and pray that these sources are accurate. As to Lisa’s response, the statement she included has been on TWC’s site for a long time and I don’t believe reflects the current %age rate of unemployed Texans.

  • Jesse Averman:

    According to AOL there are 1.4 million Americans who have exausted Tier 4 yet Texas can’t even get tier 4??

    These 1.4 million Americans will likely lead congress to push for a tier 5. 1.4 million families is a lot who exausted 99 weeks. I’ve been on unemployment in Texas and I didn’t even get the full 93 weeks. I was shorted by about 30 weeks after using up all my tiers from the state because they say “UP TO 93 Weeks”.

    So all these congressmen who are saying 99 weeks is more than enough time, most of the 1.4 million families NEVER got 99 weeks. They got UP TO, but most missed the mark because these states are using unemployment wages to calculate what they should qualify for. So they are saying based on your past wages (which are none since you are on unemployment) we are going to short you 30 something weeks. We are also going to count partial weeks as a full week!! So if you got a partial week of $ 50, that counts as one of your weeks!! Check your records and call your unemployment office and verify how many weeks you got total out of the supposed 99 weeks everyone is getting. Ask if they are counting partial weeks in your total. It’s alarming, it’s actually worse for a lot of people than congress acknowledges.

    It’s such a rip off to even say up to 93 weeks or 99 weeks. Most of the 99ers aren’t even 99ers, they got much less and are hoping for a Tier 5 extension. At this point even if the Tier 5 is for 6 weeks, most will probably only qualify for 4 weeks counting their unemployment as their past wages and the last week will probably be a partial week, so really 3.5 weeks. Even with a Tier 5, Texans probably still won’t recieve 99 weeks total of unemployment in Texas. Someone should investigate this and write a story on it.

  • Shane Lessner:

    If these articles are correct about 8.5% unemployment in Texas, why does official reports say 8.3%? TWC reports 8.3%, also. Many would qualify for tier 4 if this was correct.

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