Will the unemployed be mandated to purchase insurance or pay a fine?

Question by KatrinaLimited: Will the unemployed be mandated to purchase insurance or pay a fine?
I thought the unemployed did not have the money to purchase insurance let alone pay a fine. What is this take over of health insurance really about?

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Answer by Yes We Can
that’s right – pay up or go to jail

and you though we were the party of compassion – LOL

we are taking over america


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10 Responses to “Will the unemployed be mandated to purchase insurance or pay a fine?”

  • jaker:

    It’s about forcing people to be under government control. Everyone will have to have insurance. Most low income people will be put onto Medicaid – welfare whether they want it or not.

  • Pfo:

    All US citizens are affected by the mandate, no exceptions. Can’t pay? Get fined. Can’t pay that? Too bad I guess.

  • Brian:

    Yes they will. Governments make ruthless taskmasters..

  • sunybuni:

    Yep. It doesn’t matter whether you are employed or unemployed. If you don’t have private health insurance, you will be required by the Federal Government to purchase Government health insurance or pay a fine.
    However, there are provisions to provide subsidies to those who can’t afford to purchase the insurance. Just don’t really know how much those are going to provide towards the coverage, and who is footing the bill for that.

  • rrm38:

    There are exemptions for financial hardships, those who have been without insurance for less than three months, or if the lowest cost policy in your area is over 8% of your income. I’ll go out on a limb and guess that most unemployed people would qualify for one of those exemptions. I disagree with the legislation in principle, but spreading disinformation won’t help the cause of changing it.

  • Woooo:

    The unemployed will be eligible for medicaid

    Sorry conservatives here that you’re too retarded to actually read the bill and notice that point.

  • lilloric:

    that’s pretty much it.they (the government)have forced the extension of cobra benefits but if you couldn’t afford the cobra benefits before this reform you still won’t be able to afford it now so what was the point.they will indeed get the fine.the government will probably find some way of garnishing their unemployment checks to pay for the fine

    when my husband or i have ever been laid off or lost jobs and had to collect unemployment we never qualified for any government help because we always were eligible for the highest monitary reward on unemployment so for those of you who say medicade and welfare i say YOUR WRONG

  • S B:

    “In 2014, everyone must purchase health insurance or face a $ 695 annual fine. There are some exceptions for low-income people.”

    The bill “Expands Medicaid to include 133 percent of federal poverty level which is $ 29,327 for a family of four. ”

    Please read more here and inform yourself

    Do not take anyone elses word for it. Read about it for yourself then decide.

    Edit: Wow! Thumbs down for “read it yourself then decide”
    Looks like someone does not want you to read it but to just take their word for it. It must be better for them is you are not informed. I am not asking anyone to blindly agree with me, just to do their own research.

  • Mike S:

    All taxpayers are equal to the IRS. They will get what the gov’t dictates as their fair share of everyone’s money. Health care is all about the gov’t taking over your life and dictating to you what you will do. Good luck to you

  • cfb193:

    Free ride is over, hope you like it.

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