Why do jobless claims continue to go up after Obama promised us 8% or lower unemployment if we passed the?

Question by : Why do jobless claims continue to go up after Obama promised us 8% or lower unemployment if we passed the?
stimulus bill last year? Hmm…did he know what he was doing or perhaps not? If he did, then why couldn’t he tell us WHEN the 8% figure would happen? Or, if he didn’t, they why did he force us to pass the stimulus NOW and have the house sign it over the weekend at 3am while he was on vacation? Also, things would have been worse without the stimulus?? How do they know? Did we try it or was that JUST a theory? It can’t be a fact, since what? Are we psychic now? Economic theories prove it would have been worse without the stimulus? Again, those are just theories, we can’t say if it would have been worse can we since we didn’t actually experience it. That’s like me saying I’m going to Florida for vacation and not Alabama, because I would enjoy Florida better. How do I know when I’ve never been to Alabama? Based on hearsay and theory?
Mr. Wolf, there are literally hundreds of video clips of Obama stating passing the stimulus RIGHT NOW will keep unemployment at or below 8%. They are not fabricated, the are REAL.
Okay, well, if I base my life on economic theories, I probably won’t make it, since THEY are ALWAYS changing. My whole family has economic backgrounds, so YES, I know ALL of the theories. I just wouldn’t mind finding out the truth about Obama.
I wonder why non-financial companies are sitting on all that cash? Oh wait, they’re afraid to spend it because they don’t trust the current administration with all their government spending, which, can only lead to one thing, tax hikes.

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Answer by Mr. Wolf
People on the right want to ignore what President Obama started with. He did not say unemployment would not go above 8% there was a study done by his administration that had that calculation in it.

As far as unemployment goes the increase for President Obama’s first 18 months is less than half of that under Bush’s last 18 months.
George Bush
4.6% August 2007
7.7% January 2009
3.1 5 increase

President Obama
8.2% February 2009
9.5% June 2010
1.3% increase

President Obama was sworn in on January the 20, 2009 so I felt it was fair to put January’s numbers under Bush.


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