Where to call and how to find foreclosure home listings?

Question by Preciouseyes: Where to call and how to find foreclosure home listings?
I am looking to find a foreclosure or bank owned foreclosure homes in New Jersey. Does anyone know a free toll free number or a really good site where i can get listing of the homes in different counties? or has anyone tried doing any foreclosure listings and what sites or places did you guys call?……….thank you very much.

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Answer by senor_spiff
I think a realtor would be your best bet.

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    Lenders don’t want to deal with the genereal public about their REO properties. They have loss iitigation departments and asset management companies to handle their properties.

    The foreclosure websites are driven by the notices that are required to be posted in publications, they are notoriously inaccurate.

    You cannot deal directly with the lender, you are going to have to wait until the property comes on the market. At least that is the case in my area, all the lenders list with Realtors.

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