What should I do when i am close to homeless and jobless?

Would like to have some advice on what to do when I am close of being homeless, jobless and and debt. And didn’t know what to do to give a “U” turn to my life.
A fren of mind is going to be homeless soon, and he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t find a job for 2 months and would like to have a “U” turn in his life. HE is no longer studying and he is a computer tech.

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5 Responses to “What should I do when i am close to homeless and jobless?”

  • H. Spencer:

    Why are you close to being homeless/jobless? Is it a medical issue or what? Knowing how you came to this point would help me give you some resources and ideas to get out of it.

  • alsawsana:

    pray to |God to help u and then go and find any suitable not one job but jobs work day and night till u have balance and then u be better, forget about worry and do action

  • sally:

    You posted this question in the financial aid section, so are you in school? If not, you should consider signing up for financial aid at your local college. Financial aid will not pay your bills, but it will pay for classes and books, as well as a few bills. This should at least get you headed in the right direction. Remember…Education=Money

  • Serena:

    I was gonna say “pray”, also. I was at the point you are as a single mom> I got fired and was put on medications that were $800 a month. The only reason I survived is because I was clinging to God. It was unreal. Any time I needed money to pay something, it was there. I had a friend give me money just out of the blue. My ex-husband took over my rent — considering he was having huge trouble himself making ends meet, that was a miracle. No one actually knew how many money problems I had. I was getting unemployment benefits, but it wasn’t enough to cover anything except my medications. Plus I had a hospital bill for over $12,000 waiting for me. A cell phone I hated, with a bill to match. And still over a year left on the contract. If it weren’t for food stamps supplementing my income, I’d have been on the street. I had $80 each month that didn’t go to medication and free food. Somehow, my bills all got paid. I was never late. And I never asked for handouts. It was awesome and scary at the same time. I can’t explain the scary part. Maybe just knowing that my prayers were being answered generously — I ended up with MORE income than I had when I was working! I’ll never forget that time. And I’ll never cease being grateful for it.

  • James:

    wow!! Im sure the people above can give better advice to you than I can but I too would say pray to God. No im serious he will help you in your time of need just see that you are genuine in it. Furthert more by saying this I dont mean to just Pray to God, even Islam says tie your camel and then trust in God.
    Im sure you must be so demotivated about life, hang on good times will come and the time it takes to come is totally up to you to decide. Easier said than done but saying it is a reminder, dont stop keep on trying all the rags to riches stories have this same instance, what ever happens how bad it gets don’t lose hope keep your head high and keep on trying just try to take God along with you because with out his help I believe we cant get any where. I know it sounds really soppy, syruppy and goody-two-shoes like but you have nothing to lose in trying so believe me you will see results. :)

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