What are the job prospects for a convicted felon?

Question by : What are the job prospects for a convicted felon?
My friend has a few felonies (please spare the lecture, heard it all) on her record and she is having a hard time finding employment. Of course there are fast food joints and such but what job prospects are out there that are LONG TERM. If anyone can help us out, it would be great. Thanks.

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1 in 6 people in the US are out of work or underemployed. So who would you hire first a person that has a clean record and just got laid off because of the economy or chick with a “few felonies”?

She needs to take what ever job she can get.

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  • Isa:

    try to go for ones which don’t check if you have a criminal record – e.g. working with kids/vulnerable people etc is def a no go. Other positions where you might be handling cash will probably be a problem.

    What about working on a farm?

    Maybe she could volunteer somewhere (even just part time) and build up trust in that place – then maybe they would consider her for any positions that came up

    A few mistakes doesn’t mean you can’t succeed in life – but her record will make it more of a challenge

    good luck

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