Welcome to Unemployment: College Grads Face Tough Job Market

Welcome to Unemployment: College Grads Face Tough Job Market

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6 Responses to “Welcome to Unemployment: College Grads Face Tough Job Market”

  • Seven Foot Pelican:

    Our country is so fucked. It’s time for baby boomers to retire and start
    hiring and training unemployed young people before wer’re left with a
    society of people who entered the work force too fucking late and have
    essentially no skills.

  • No More Help From Mom:

    I was having a tough time after graduating. I was lost in finding a job and
    making money, which is what the real world is all about. Luckily I was able
    to find No More Help From Mom and it was extremely helpful in giving me
    advice to begin my journey to independence. It is a great site with several
    different resources and I highly recommend it!

  • Chad McMullen:

    I know exactly how this feels. As a college graduate I was $30,000+ in
    student loans and unemployed. I came to the conclusion eventually (after
    begging and trying to convince people to hire me) that I couldn’t count on
    anyone else but me. Instead, I went and chased my dreams and haven’t
    looked back. Opportunities are everywhere, you just have to know where to
    If you need change, I may be able to help. Check this out:

  • Lance Page:

    The Navy’s hiring competitive College Grads! If you’ve earned a STEM
    Degree and maintained >3.0 GPA. Call (501) 749-9786.

  • Michael Glenn:

    8.1 % joblessness reduced to 7.8% is without a doubt the highest single
    four week period bounce in employment creation in Thirty years. The last
    time there had been a bounce like this the economy was growing around 9.2%.
    Right at this point, it is actually 1.3%. Right now there were 114,000 job
    opportunities created last month. It could require more or less a million
    positions in order to plunge as much as we did this past month.

  • ImoenOfTelengard:

    Ah… I guess Income-Based Repayment is illegal to these people?

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