Unemployment Extensions FIGHT 4 Tier V S3706 Stabenow – September 25, 2010 – November from my house!

Hey to all my peeps! In this vid I talk about what we need to do in November ELECTION DAY to make sure these republicans do not get away with HR4213! NEVER forget!!!
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25 Responses to “Unemployment Extensions FIGHT 4 Tier V S3706 Stabenow – September 25, 2010 – November from my house!”

  • avataz:

    @carnypimp Only a stupid fuck like you would think bailouts are a good thing. I could try and educate you on free market principals but it would be over your head. Go get your government cheese and shove it up your ass

  • carnypimp:

    @savgal1211 The shit when down hill long before Obama got elected. I drive through snow and ice to work. I get up out of bed I don’t miss work. You are nothing but two faced idiots that support the people who put us in this shit economy the Republicans! When Bill clinton was president things where great and you know it. It took Bush only two years to cause debt that was three years before Democrats got put in charge of congress. You got lucky that was all.

  • carnypimp:

    @avataz Why don’t you go look for dates at a family reunion or something? You republicunt. Better yet if you know a 99’er why don’t you just look them in the face a call them lazy? You are a greedy fuck! I know who kept me from being homeless the Dems. I have a job now but it is all because of the bailouts without them the automotive industry would be gone. Don’t bite the real hand that feeds americans the Auto makers not educated cheap fucks like you.

  • avataz:

    This fucking guy, how deep into my pockets do you want to reach? Fuckin’ leech

  • savgal1211:

    @GayWorldOrder Good for you! And you are spot on, these whiners and leeches would never dream of waking up at 0445, work 13 hr days, and drive through ice and snow to do it! No way.. Guess this is why my spouse and I have a great combined income!! We don’t whine, when my spouse got Downsized, we moved, sold th ehouse, we SAW this shit comong, especially once the Messiah got elected!! We knew the economy was going down fast, and applied for bETTER jobs, and we are now doing better!!

  • October1:

    Dude, get a job….

  • logicaljoe1:

    Fuc* you Rand Paul!! You choose Senator Bunnings as your fu** hero. He stop the unemployment extension bill.

  • webfulcrum:

    How much of my neighbour’s property am I entitled to get my hands on?

  • blue2495821:

    1:20 Tax loopholes. Great things to pass. We need more loopholes for businesses to offshore jobs. Well played.

  • LegacyMicro:

    I think that’s great to buy your friend a house with a swimming pool. But when he goes to dive in you had better make sure he can afford water… otherwise the rest of us hard workin’ Americans are going to end up paying for his health care cost….

  • GayWorldOrder:

    You people are pathetic.
    My god, are you brain-dead zombies addicted to your enslavement in order to survive?
    You leeches have had plenty of time to “reinvent yourselves” and generate a great income without a fucking worthless dead-end J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).
    I was downsized 2 years ago, it was frightening, but I didn’t sit on my fat ass waiting around for my funemployment to end, I did something about it and joined a network marketing company for $99.00, I’m earning a 6 figure income today…

  • patsy352:

    hello people I can see you from my house! Now lets stand together on this no lying down. Lets stand side by side and build that wall of yes we can!! No one ever said this was going to be easy, we been thru a long rocky road together, there is no quitting now. Get your voices out there now; e-mail, fax, call & vote November!!!!!

  • boogitydown1264:

    @trk387 soooooooo what’s the dealioo???

  • TRK387:

    @nintendoscarface1982 hey, I wanted take the time to thank you for your comment, I do speak directly from the heart and sometimes it gets me into trouble LOL,

    Thanks again, and keep the faith, S7306 will get passed…

  • nintendoscarface1982:

    Holy shit you speak from the heart and I loves ya for it bro. Ain’t noone holding us unemployed+99ers by the balls come November

  • boogitydown1264:

    @trk387 sounds good can’t wait for that shit to jump off!!!

  • TRK387:

    @boogitydown1264 Because they are putting the tech stuff together…

  • TRK387:

    @boogitydown1264 actually I am, I am putting together a stand up comedy routine its an hour long 4 parts (like SF movie) and its going to be PISS funny! I am creating a new channel just for comedy… peace t.

    What it is me on stage (green screen) and it will look like I am in an actual comdey hall doing a show, like Chris Rock… and I am doing stand up. Talking about real life and shit. I just watched the first 30 min of this shit and I was dying… when this will be live, is up to SF&Unse

  • boogitydown1264:

    @trk387 u better be workin on some new shit:)

  • youcrossingme:

    You are rockin’ the house! T, I know how much work you’ve put into these videos and don’t ever think for a second that we don’t recognize this. I sincerely appreciate you for just being you and everything else that you do. You keep me smiling in spite of. And one more thing, you never cease to amaze me.  Funny quote for you since you always make me smile ”In Washington, we know there’s a huge difference between a prostitute and a politician. There are some things a prostitute won’t do.”

  • solitaryfracture:

    I am going to send you a picture of what your render settings should be for this ok.

  • TheAshley94544:

    Hi T, thank you for your video, and I get your messages. I hope that S3706 get passed; however, I think that S3706 will get passed; we need to write mails to the senators by describing the scenario….
    I will do my part in best of my ability, which is writing emails.

  • CharUSAIdaho:

    What happened to Jessie T?

  • CharUSAIdaho:

    T U Rock

  • brigr77:

    GREAT video TRK…clear pic and clear info!!! Let us not forget those NAY SAYERS in the Senate – Come NOVEMBER 2010!!!! VOTE!! VOTE!!!

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