Unemployed? Blame Yourself! (Herman Cain)

2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain doubled down at the latest GOP debate when he said that Occupy Wall Street protesters are misguided and that that the White House (not Wall Street banks) is to blame. He also said he was proud of his relationship with the Koch Brothers. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks breaks it down. Watch more Occupy coverage here: The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: Facebook: Twitter: Support TYT for FREE:
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24 Responses to “Unemployed? Blame Yourself! (Herman Cain)”

  • dreamslides:


  • MrMrfearofthedark:

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  • tedoymisojos:

    I think the republican audience has micro sized earbuds they listen to in these speeches, then they get a cue for when to applaud, and applaud they do

  • themexicancheguevara:

     Why is every one on youtube some sort of economics genius? Yet the country is going to shit..

  • MrBeaconoflight:

    @sxehitman007 Ok, the modern liberalism or progressivism we have today is definitely encouraging Keynesian economics study history or the recent bills that have been passed. I’ll agree the GOP establishment has become involved in big government policies and crony capitalism as have the liberals, although the conservative base is not a proponent of these policies, they support a free market. Lastly, you have absolutely no valid evidence to state that conservatives are more racist than liberals.

  • NormacHC:

    Cain doesn’t have a fucking idea what’s going on in the world.

  • sxehitman007:

    @PatriotNotGovernment What makes you think conservative thinking means competition? It means corporatism, say it with me slowly. Why do Christian radicals hate minorities? We have to get progressive thinking to the schools. Progressive thinking = Competition, not conservative ignorance.

  • sxehitman007:

    @PatriotNotGovernment – Who’s encouraging Keynesian economics? I’m trying to support Capitalism. No, conservatives don’t understand the free market better, god, conservatives don’t even know what the free market is, what they support is corporatism, not the free market their rich owners call capitalism. Minorities are liberal because conservatives are more racist it’s just a fact that right wingers can’t cope with. My argument is valid, I really encourage you study up on CAPITALISM.

  • PatriotNotGovernment:

    @sxehitman007 I don’t believe in religion. I don’t think religion should be taught as science but it should be available in school. Religion is important to world events, like why do certain muslim radical minorities hate the US? Why did Koresh create a compound? Where did modern scientific thought evolve from earth-centric to heliocentric solar system. However we teach liberal BS about everyone deserves = pay and nobody loses, competition is what makes greatness, not liberal weakness.

  • PatriotNotGovernment:

    @sxehitman007 Yeah because Keynesian economics works SO WELL. Conservatives understand a free market which liberals just don’t get. I didn’t call anyone a “nigger”, I was pointing out the underlying superiority complex liberals base their “help blacks/minorities” platform on. Minorities are liberal b/c liberals give them freebies for votes. Conservatives get fucked by the 1%, yeah because all the 1% were born w/ $100,000,000 (which they weren’t). Your argument would be better if it were the .01%

  • PercyCTV:

    Not right John!

  • sxehitman007:

    Part 2 – Liberals are the ones to lower standards? Conservatives want to teach religion instead of science in public schools. And that’s not lowering standards? Nice try, but the more you talk, the more the country falls behind in intelligence.

  • sxehitman007:

    @PatriotNotGovernment Yeah, but the major flaw in your statement is Conservative don’t know ANYTHING about economics, scarcity, incentives, and business. Um, conservatives are stupid enough to get f***** by the 1% even though the 1% doesn’t give a shit about them. Warren Buffet (America’s best investor) is a liberal. Liberals don’t think minorities are pathetic, because majority of the minorities are liberal. Congrats on your usage of the word niggers, you have officially become a neoCon.

  • PatriotNotGovernment:

    @sxehitman007 except Conservatives know about economics, scarcity, incentives, and business. Love how all conservatives are super rich AND retarded. I love the racist conservatives who think blacks and hispanics can stand on there own 2 feet and don’t need govt. Liberals think minorities are so pathetic they need welfare and affirmative action b/c the dumb niggers (liberal private thought) can’t do anything if we don’t lower standards. nice try though

  • sxehitman007:

    @PatriotNotGovernment Nope, just most racists are conservative. If Liberalism is like hypocrisy with a side of bullshit, then I wonder what conservatism is, maybe an extreme case of retardation? Oh wait, it already is.

  • Secundas:

    ♫ Whatever you do, don’t put the blame on you…Blame it on the Caaaaaain! Yeah, yeah! ♫

  • PureHumboldt:

    how can the entire room be evil? wow….

  • PatriotNotGovernment:

    @tekdiveraz I love liberal racism oh wait on only conservatives are racist…. Liberalism is like hypocrisy with a side of bullshit

  • IranSepahbod:

    Rapist and zionist puppet Herman Cain
    american nation, enslaved by a bunch of zionist bankers who steal their tax money and give it to israelis.
    Enslaved by a bunch of zionists who waster 4 trillion American dollars in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Enslaved by a bunch of zionists who put some puppets in the office to serve Israelis.

  • god0fgod:

    Ron Paul is against the corporatocracy. Against the corporations/government collusion.

  • PatriotNotGovernment:

    @edeal86 I still don’t think it’s that much but even if it is 20-50 thousand people is miniscule compared to almost 200 million working Americans. I think there are more of tens of thousands of enablers who let the CEO’s who shower them with benefits or the interns who get great jobs for working with politicians. As much as both sides fight most R’s want government out of business while most D’s want business out of government, yet we still hate each other.

  • PatriotNotGovernment:

    @rleary1 Blockbuster closing isn’t anything except an inability to evolve to changing times. Restaurants are also the hardest businesses to open and keep open. The CEO’s don’t run those stores it’s the general managers and franchise owners so I don’t see how Cain is wrong. If the owner is irresponsible or unable to change gears in a bad economy b/c of employee problems, failed advertising how is that the rich fat cats faults? Not saying it’s fair but no is OWED a job.

  • pierrofromcanada:

    4th Woman accuses Herman Cain of unwanted sexual advances

    Don’t blame women
    Don’t blame hormones
    Don’t blame others
    Just blame yourself.

  • arcanius1221:

    Cain’s supporters need to google ” Herman Cain Aquila” his involvement with the Enron fraud that took retirement accounts. He was involved in this scandal and you want to promote him as President?

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