TIer 5 Unemployment Extension Update 05/15/2010

Take care of the Unemployed Americans first, before you help bail out Countries and Banks

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  • unemployment support for the people who have reached their 99 weeks as of december 25 2011

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12 Responses to “TIer 5 Unemployment Extension Update 05/15/2010”

  • radiospirit:

    Not going to happen … might get residual Tier 4 benefits from time to time … not gonna pass a Tier 5 … sign up for welfare…

  • SC:

    It’s crunch time for putting Americans back to work. Members of Congress often talk about jobs: Now they have a chance to back up their rhetoric with action.

    This week Congress intends to vote on a jobs bill that cracks down on tax loopholes for millionaire hedge fund managers and on corporations that ship our jobs overseas. This jobs bill will put Americans back to work by repairing our crumbling infrastructure; stemming public sector layoffs in the states; encouraging more bank loans to small business; extending unemployment benefits and health benefits for the unemployed through the end of this year; and providing over 300,000 summer jobs for unemployed youth.

    If you’re not for this bill, you’re not for jobs. Period.

    And please, no more excuses about the budget deficit—unless and until you’re willing to make Wall Street pay its fair share to bring down the deficit. The people who are always saying “no” to jobs because of the deficit are often the same people who voted to squander our hard-earned
    budget surpluses so they could shower undeserved tax breaks on rich people during the Bush years. Apparently, spending money on rich people is perfectly okay, but investing in jobs for working class Americans sets off alarm bells

  • Juanita:

    How can this be exposed so that everyone will knows that this is happening to real Americas who are unemployed and that they will never work again in the United States the land of opportunity. People that are unemployed for longer than six months will be the new homeless, employers are not willing to hire anyone that are unemployed and make it known. However, you cannot make anyone give you a job, but employer will advertise that: Client will not consider/review anyone NOT currently employed regardless of the reason.” Now our elected officials have lost touch with the lower level of Main Street, whether democrats or republican no one is listening to the little people that put them in their seats. No one knows what anyone is going through when you lost everything because you cannot find employment and your benefit has ran out and you have no other resources. What ever happen to the America?

  • brian wilson:

    I don’t care about taxing wall street,etc. I want a job! If I can’t work, extend my unemployment benefits so that I can at least pay rent. It’s to thepoint that I have to choose between medication and food right now.

  • stephanie:



  • Blue:

    We need to vote all of Repulicans out, This unemployment is not getting better. I don’t see any inprovement in what is going on in the us now. The go after things that is not inportant like lives to be lived right now. Every thing is blowing up in our US. Now the BP spill, which has caused more lay offs only for clean effort. Many americans who live off of the businesses are not at alost of this spill, I don’t see any changes in what is going on, Only draging out unemployment. Well listne people this is election year who do we need to get rid of so we can be heard here. And who is going to stand by the American People on unmeployment long term.

  • Lucy:

    Well, my benefits stopped abruptly in June. Tomorrow, my phone, tv & internet will be disconnected, they’ve given me as much time as possible, which I understand,but it hurts nonetheless. I will now have no phone number for call backs, not that that’s helped at all. Online applications are not replied to. Managers are mysteriously not present to interview when applying and no call backs happen. Is it frustrating? You better believe it!
    Going from middle class to zero, turning gray from the worry and stress. Unable to buy nothing, no trash bags, no dish soap, no toilet paper. Trying to use less energy to keep a light bill down, that mercifully was helped with from one of the organizations that the Republicans would like to do away with. Yeah, this is the land of the milk & honey- fire at will, cut jobs for whatever reason, though the corporations have more money than they know what to do with. Punish me, my years as a law abiding, paying tax citizen count for zilch.

  • Craig:

    The energy companies think people are cutting back on electric usage….. theyre not there is that many people that can’t afford to run ac, and are losing their homes, I guess they really don’t need to worry about the unemployed…. Its not like we can rally on the steps of comgress….. We don’t have the vehicles money or gas to get there…. those of us that have phones still should forward our calls to the congressmen and women that said no so they can hear how rude the bill collectors are being to us, I had a bill collector try and tell me the other day when i told them i had no money comming in said i was making excuses….. I guess no money comming in and no jobs to be found is just an excuse… congress needs to extend employment so we can get on with our lives…. i hope i can find a job soon i have been in school since i got laid off the only thing i’m missing is a networking certification which i just missed when i took it on friday

  • God,Lord Jesus love all of us,so lets pray morning,noon,night for their mercy for others that are suffering and in return you may be Bless.

  • girlwithabrain:

    Hey they sent 10million to Pakistan, and send our men to die, but we can’t make rent or buy food without no 5th Tier Extention….we have kids…hello anyone LISTENING stop wasting money on stupid things. We will have our own homeless.

  • girlwithabrain:


  • girlwithabrain:

    nope currently we get 6 weeks and then nothing else so you have enough for rent, but after that nothing for moving when you have to give notice because you can’t pay rent…and because you only got 700 for a month since the last check is always 250 your already working with less income when the extension ends each time. So your already having less for bills (utilties/food).

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