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ACW Responds to Crossroads GPS “Typical” Ad

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What is the typical spend on Information technology by consumer packaged products companies?

Question by ajmer j: What is the typical spend on Information technology by consumer packaged products companies?
What is the typical spend on Information technology by consumer packaged products companies like Procter and Gamle, Unilever etc?

Best answer:

Answer by Emerald
this is a difficult question, not even IT men could answer.
now contact Procter and Gamle company’s IT gestioner, they may help you if necessary.

What do you think? Answer below!

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How is quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve different than it’s typical open market operations?

Question by Mad: How is quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve different than it’s typical open market operations?
I understand that both can increase the money supply, so is the difference just in terms of the assets bought and the permanancy of the buying.OMO being temporary short term. QE being longer term and permanant

Best answer:

Answer by gray shadow
Quantitative Easing is a description of the effect, or the goal, of a central bank to pump more cash into the economy by a central bank.

Open Market Operations represents specific activity by the Federal reserve of buying/selling TBonds with the public to achive certain targets. The goal could be to loosen or tighten the money supply.

Another way to create money is to make loans directly to banks. In the past, this was pretty much limited to Discount Window loans and seasonal credit loans.

Since the beginning of the economic crisis the fed has created some additional tools. The Term Auction Facility was created to make bank loans from the Fed more attractive. Then we have this whole massive bailout loans

Hope that helps.

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Labour markets: How structural is unemployment? | The Economist

THE Beveridge curve plots the relationship between job openings and unemployment. Typically, job openings lead to falling unemployment in a linear(ish) fashion, and when data departs from this typical relationship it may be because …

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Labour markets: How structural is unemployment? | The Economist

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2nd-time What is the typical Labor Cost to replace a compressor in a Heat Pump. Parts are covered by warranty?

I was told by one service tech that labor would be $1200 to $3000…just for labor.

Compressor is completly burned out.

Incoming search terms:

  • cost to replacecompressor on traulsen
  • heating and air labor cost to replace compressot
  • Labor time replace HVAC EVAP coil

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Does anyone know the typical hourly labor costs for muscle car restoration services?

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