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Obama Discusses, Signs the Jumpstart Our Business Startups JOBS) Act

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Obama Discusses, Signs the Jumpstart Our Business Startups JOBS) Act

Obama Discusses, Signs the Jumpstart Our Business Startups JOBS) Act.
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If Obama gets reelected wont unemployment compensation be like a retirement check?

Question by : If Obama gets reelected wont unemployment compensation be like a retirement check?
I mean lets get real if these people have to find a job they will i am tired of hearing my friends say well i could go to work here or i could go to work there but by the time i pay for gas and food etc. my unemployment check is better money. Obama is creating govt. bums by the millions people that should have a job if Obama knew what the hell he was doing. This man is destroying america.

Best answer:

Answer by imsoeffinhxc
No, it won’t be like a retirement check. You’re the one destroying America. Get off your high horse and have some empathy.

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Obama Addresses Senate Vote to Renew Jobless Benefits

President Barack Obama applauds a Senate vote advancing legislation to renew jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed as an important step. Photo: AP. C…

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Obama pushes for jobless benefits extension

President Obama rejected republican comments that extending jobless benefits takes away the motivation to find a job. More from CNN at Pushing Congressional …

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Did Obama Sign the bill for the unemployment extension?

Question by onehotmama6582: Did Obama Sign the bill for the unemployment extension?

Best answer:

Answer by chris_pacino
Unemployment Extension Legislation Update

July 21 Update: Legislation that would provide an extension of federal extended unemployment benefits has been approved in the Senate, will be sent to the House for a final vote, then signed by the President. The extension will restore unemployment benefits to the 2.3 million unemployed Americans who have run out of basic unemployment benefits.

The extended benefits will be retroactive, but will not include the $ 25 extra payment of the COBRA subsidy. The legislation also does not include a Tier 5 unemployment extension that would provide additional weeks of unemployment for the 99ers – the unemployed workers who have exhausted all unemployment benefits.

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Obama urges House GOP to extend unemployment benefits

Following a Senate vote that approved a three-month extension of unemployment insurance, President Barack Obama urged the House GOP to vote on the bill as we…
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Will Obama ‘Save’ Unemployment From Republicans?

“Discussion over the fiscal cliff is focused on taxes and spending cuts, but there are other policy measures — unrelated to either — that are also due to exp…

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What New Tax Percentages will Obama, Pelosi & Reid ask You to Pay?

Question by Lady B: What New Tax Percentages will Obama, Pelosi & Reid ask You to Pay?
Stimulus Spending Package, Fore Closure Spending Package, Energy Spending Bundle, The Budget plan Spending Package etc.

The New Tax %’s? Married Couples 65 % and Songs 50 %?

What do you think the New Left Wing Liberal Socialist Democrats Party will do?
Colette Pioline ART:.

There are no TAX CUTS in Obama Stimulation Package. If it was a tax cut he had have dropped the Percentage Tax Rate we pay. He is offering people a George Bush Stimulus Inspect that we the tax payers the need to pay back.

ADDITIONALLY, the rest of Obama’s spending bill will cause the FEDERAL TAX Rate to go sky high. Where do you think the cash is coming from? The tax payers.

So your 100 % on all accounts. Obama is going to raise everybody’s taxes and the LOWER Course and MIDDLE Class will pay the Highest Tax Rate as the bulk of Tax Payers comes from those 2 classes.

Obama needs to have keep his modification of $ 13.
AngelaTC: Your right as that is where American Tax Dollars are going too.
Who Else?:.

Clinton charged the Rich a greater Percentage Rate during his ECONOMIC DOWNTURN and did it assist? NO, the Rich are the ones who provide tasks and pay a higher tax rate.

1990′s & 1980′s Recession worked themseleves out simply great. Obama is snowing Americans into thinking that if we spend billions of dollars AFTER the ression we will do just great.

OK I will state it once more, the bulk of the spending costs isn’t really to happen till after the economic downturn works it’s self out in 2011. Youv’e been snowed by Obama /.

Finest answer:

Response by Stay Away From The Dark SideI think it will get up to 50 %, I think most communist countries take all the money the individuals make and lose consciousness what they think they ought to get.- That will be us soon if we do not do something about this Radical Gov’t we have now!

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President Barack Obama Implements 2012 Unemployment Extension Benefits, Reports Unemployment-Extension.Org

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) October 05, 2011

President Barack Obama has implemented a 2012 unemployment benefits extension, in two of the highest unemployed states in the country, California and Florida, it is certainly a necessity, announces Unemployment-Extension.Org.

This came as no easy task for Obama, as many believe the extended unemployment benefits provide a disincentive to hunt for work and arent inclined to get back on their feet. Republicans have sounded more optimistic about a job training plan that would allow workers to continue to receive their benefits while temporarily working with a company.

However, the intention behind extending CA Unemployment Benefits is to actually increase the number of Americans who find new jobs, according to most studies made in 2011. By one calculation, unemployment insurance extensions increased the share of workers who became re-employed by about 1.3 percentage points in January 2011 by reducing the fraction who excited the labor force.

Obama looks for a 2012 Unemployment Extension for the entire country, with some states needing it much more than others. Florida for instance, still has more than 987,000 unemployed, and would have seen its maximum benefits fall to 23 weeks from the national standard of 26 weeks as of 2012, if this Florida Unemployment Extension was not pushed for.

Federally extended benefits, also called emergency unemployment compensation, were first passed in June 2008 and has been extended by Congress eight times… now nine times.

All references for extending unemployment benefits, filing an Unemployment Extension for California, Florida, and any other US State are to be made at Unemployment-Extension.Org.

Rebecca Randells

Editorial Columnist



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Andrew Claster, Deputy Chief Analytics Officer, Obama for America Keynote Speaker at Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit

(PRWEB) February 05, 2013

The Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit, in San Diego February 20 & 21, 2013, hosted by IE. – Innovation Enterprise, offers industry leaders the opportunity to share insight and innovation in data analytics, machine learning and data science. Offering keynote presentations, interactive breakout sessions and open discussions, this event promises to be the must attend for analytics executives and data scientists.

In November 2012, Barack Obama won a second term with the highest unemployment rate of any re-elected president in 76 years. How did he do it? The answer includes analytics and data from approximately two hundred million voters, donors and volunteers. Andrew Claster, Deputy Chief Analytics Officer for President Obamas 2012 re-election campaign, will discuss how analytics informed the Obama campaigns fundraising, messaging, communications and voter contact strategies, and how the lessons learned can be applied to sales, marketing, recruitment, customer service and corporate communications.

“There’s no doubt that analytics is at the forefront of the agenda across all industries this year, said David Barton, International Events Director for IE. & Analytics Division Lead. There is a need to drive predictive analytics strategies and this summit explores the innovations in place to do this.”

Produced by IE. – Innovation Enterprise, the Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit, with 35 distinguished keynote presenters from LinkedIn, Netflix, EA, TiVo, PayPal, Yahoo!, ESPN, Starbucks, BNY Mellon, San Diego Padres, Ancestry, and over 250 attendees, offers a timely platform to exchange ideas and learn solutions to some of the most difficult issues surrounding predictive analytics today. For a complete list of speakers, agenda, and registration details for The Predictive Analytics Summit, go to


About *IE.: Innovation Enterprise Ltd, a CFO Publishing company is an independent business-to-business multi-channel media brand focused on the information needs of Senior Finance, Operations, Planning, Strategy, Decision Support & Advanced Analytics executives. Products include IE.Summits, IE.Finance, IE.Analytics, IE.Operations, IE.Strategy, IE.Membership and IE.Insights. Whether it’s delivered online, or in person, everything IE produces reflects the company’s unshakeable belief in the power of information to spur innovation.

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