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Healthy Michigan Plan Exceeding Expectations

Healthy Michigan Plan Exceeding Expectations
The Healthy Michigan Plan has been serving the citizens of the state for nearly five months. Advocates say it's already having an economic impact by providing the previously uninsured with health care, allowing many who were unemployed to return to the …
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Children With Autism Have Extra Synapses
Today the Supreme Court upheld the 2010 health care law in a dramatic victory for President Barack Obama. The lead up to today's decision has prompted debate between opponents and supporters of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act two years …
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'Without this plan, I would probably be in the ground'
William McKenzie is one of McCarthy's constituents who says he loves the law. The 31-year-old unemployed oil refinery worker hadn't had insurance coverage for at least a decade when he was diagnosed as HIV positive in December. … Joshua Haymore, a 27 …
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With stalemate in D.C., White House pushes jobless benefits in Michigan

With stalemate in D.C., White House pushes jobless benefits in Michigan
Ever since the federal government stopped offering emergency benefits extensions at the end of last year, Michiganders can get just 20 weeks of jobless benefits. They used have up to 99 weeks, back when the recession was at its worst. For months now …
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Idaho's March Jobless Rate Hits 5½-Year Low
Workers receiving regular state unemployment benefits dropped on average below 13,000 a week last month, 20 percent lower than March 2013 to remain at the lowest levels since the expansion of the 1990s. Jobless benefit payments totaled $ 14.4 million …
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White House, Perez Continue Unemployment Extension Push (Updated)
Updated 4:40 p.m. | The White House and Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez continue to press the House to pass an unemployment benefits extension — but so far there's no word of a new offer to sweeten the pot for Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio.
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will michigan give anther unemployment extension for june 2009?

Question by Tko: will michigan give anther unemployment extension for june 2009?

Best answer:

Answer by Mr Carpenter
I hope so but I know of only one extention so far

What do you think? Answer below!

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Michigan amends its UI law on various topics

Michigan amends its UI law on various topics
An individual who voluntarily testifies before another body concerning representations he or she made to the unemployment agency waives the privilege of confidentiality under the state unemployment compensation law. Contributions. Any contribution …
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What are the best colleges for education degrees in Michigan?

Question by glitzpa: What are the best colleges for education degrees in Michigan?
Does anyone have an “official” website that will give me information on what the best colleges for an education degree would be in michigan? I am changing my major and would like information and am having a hard time finding it myself. I would like to stay relitively close to the lansing area and something that works with a busy schedule but is a school that is recognized. Asking too much? Sorry!

Best answer:

Answer by jtislerics
Nope, don’t know of any websites. Good schools for Education degrees include:
Central Michigan University
Western Michigan University
Oakland University

Those are the top ones, from what I’ve heard.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Michigan appeals court reverses ruling in unemployment insurance case

Michigan appeals court reverses ruling in unemployment insurance case
LANSING — The Michigan Court of Appeals has reversed a case in which the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency was found in contempt of court for refusing to pay unemployment insurance to a man the agency deemed ineligible. Gary Jenkins quit …
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Weekly claims for unemployment insurance drops
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — First-time claims for unemployment insurance in Louisiana for the week ending March 2, decreased from the previous week's total. The state labor department figures released Friday show the initial claims dropped to 2,887 from …
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Lawrence Baking Co V. Michigan Unemployment Compensation Commission U.S. Sup…

Claimants for Unemployment Compensation, March & August 1965 by Montana Unemploy

End Date: Tuesday Feb-7-2017 16:11:19 PST
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Extension of Emergency Unemployment Compensation: Hearing Before the Committee o
End Date: Tuesday Feb-7-2017 16:11:11 PST
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Claimants for Benefits Under Michigan Unemployment Compensation ACT V. Chrys…

A European Unemployment Benefit Scheme: How to Provide for More Stability in the
End Date: Tuesday Feb-14-2017 16:59:48 PST
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Income Security: Overlapping Disability and Unemployment Benefits Should Be Eval
End Date: Sunday Feb-12-2017 23:05:53 PST
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Government to Provide Michigan Unemployment Extension to Alleviate the Sufferings of the Unemployed, Unemployment-Extension.org

(PRWEB) June 28, 2011

Unemployment in the US has been on the rise although most of the public may think otherwise. After the economic turmoil, millions of people have lost their jobs. Some of them are underemployed, while most of them are unemployed, according to Unemployment-Extension.Org.

The jobs are being axed out by big companies to sustain the global competition. Reports show that number of unemployed people in USA is over 14 million, while only 7 million are collecting unemployment.

This leaves the unemployed people in the lurch and their lives come to a grinding halt. Though, they get the unemployment insurance to meet their immediate needs. However, in the long term it is difficult to meet the needs of the family.

Most of the unemployed people turned out to be discouraged workers and they stop looking for the job considering the lull in the economy. That is when the government decides to provide the stimulus by giving extended benefits.

The government has tried to provide the economic booster by giving the unemployment benefits to those who have lost their jobs. However, most of the people have exhausted their benefits limits. However, according to the sources, the government is providing Michigan unemployment extension for the unemployed masses in the Michigan state. These benefits will be over and above the normal unemployment insurance benefits received by the individuals.

According to a law, the Michigan state workers can get additional benefits up to 13 weeks. Though, this does not help improve the employment status, but it can definitely give a great relief to these unemployed people. Their families can also take advantage of this extension. However, those who are eligible can get Michigan unemployment extension.

Those persons who do not have a full time job and they are not receiving any additional benefits from any other state or Canada and they have exhausted their unemployment insurance under Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Program. However, those workers who are not willing to apply for work are disqualified for the benefits.

Surprisingly though, Michigan state has the highest number of unemployment rate which is as high as 8.5% and it seems the numbers are going to increase. Therefore, considering the unemployment status in the Michigan state, the benefits have been extended.

Michigan unemployment extension benefits will help those persons who have exhausted their regular 26 weeks benefits to meet their financial obligations. A person can continue to search for a job without any stress.

According to the reports by Unemployment-Extension.Org, an additional stimulus package is also approved by the government for the Michigan state. This package allows people to get additional benefits of $ 25 each week. The additional funds are coming to the Michigan State are coming via American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Latest updates on Unemployment can be found at http://www.Unemployment-Extension.Org.


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Southwest Michigan Car Accident lawyer At Conybeare Law Office Says New CDC Drowsy Driving Study Demonstrates Threat Of Fatigued Driving

St. Joseph, Mich. (PRWEB) January 25, 2013

Southwest Michigan car accident lawyer Barry Conybeare said today a new CDC report that says thousands of survey respondents reported having fallen asleep while driving in the previous 30 days indicates that drowsy driving is a safety threat that must be taken seriously.

This largest-of-its-kind drowsy driving survey by the Centers for Disease Control indicates clearly that a vast number of Americans are getting behind the wheel while they are too fatigued to drive safely or otherwise have not had enough rest, said Conybeare, a personal injury lawyer with Conybeare Law Office, P.C., a law firm that serves Southwest Michigan from its St. Joseph location.

We hope law enforcement officials, legislators and educators will take this study and the issue of drowsy driving seriously, and take measures to fight this dangerous problem, he said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said earlier this month that a study it conducted in 19 states — including Michigan — and the District of Columbia found that 4,301, or 4.2 percent, of 147,076 respondents reported having fallen asleep while driving at least one time during the past 30 days.

Previous surveys have addressed the topic of drowsy driving, but this report presents the findings from the largest number of U.S. survey respondents to date, the CDC said. The finding that 4 percent of respondents reported falling asleep while driving during the previous month agrees with prior smaller studies.

The CDC also said, Although it is clear that falling asleep while driving is dangerous, drowsiness impairs driving skills even if drivers manage to stay awake. Drowsiness slows reaction time, makes drivers less attentive, and impairs decision-making skills, all of which can contribute to motor vehicle crashes.

CDC researchers surveyed 5,768 Michigan residents as part of the study and found that 154, or 3.5 percent, reported they had fallen asleep at the wheel during the previous 30 days. Reports of having fallen asleep while driving by state ranged from 2.5 percent in Oregon to 6.1 percent in Texas.

Drowsy driving prevalence decreased with age, from more than 4.9 percent among those ages 18 to 44 years old to 1.7 percent among those 65 or older. Retired respondents (1 percent), students or homemakers (2.1 percent) and unemployed respondents (3.1 percent) were less likely to report drowsy driving than those who were employed (5.1 percent) or unable to work (6.1 percent), the CDC said.

Conybeare said that as public policy catches up with the realization that drowsy driving is a specific, identifiable safety concern, civil courts can hold drowsy drivers accountable when they harm others. Car accident victims in Michigan who think drowsy driving may have played a role in their accident should contact a qualified personal injury lawyer such as those at Conybeare Law Office for a review of their case, he said.

Drowsy driving accidents have identifying characteristics, such as a lack of braking, Conybeare said. Where we can demonstrate that a driver was likely asleep at the wheel prior to a crash, we can hold them responsible for their recklessness.

About Conybeare Law Office, P.C.

Conybeare Law Office, P.C., is the largest full-service, personal injury law firm in Southwest Michigan. Its office is located at 519 Main Street, St. Joseph, MI 49085 (local phone number (269) 983-0561). The firm represents accident and injury victims throughout St. Joseph, Benton Harbor, South Haven, Niles, Dowagiac and other communities in Berrien, Van Buren and Cass counties. The firm takes pride in providing professional yet personalized legal representation to each client in a wide variety of cases. Its practice areas include animal attacks, car accidents, defective products, drunk-driving accidents, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, premises liability and truck accidents, as well as Social Security disability (SSD) and workers compensation benefits. To learn more, call Conybeare Law Office toll free at (800) 983-0561 or use the firms online contact form.

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