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Long-Term Closures Possible For Peytonsville Road, I-65

The Peytonsville overpass may be closed for up to 90 days while crews work to strength the bridge after a tanker exploded underneath. Interstate 65 may also …
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US Senate fails to extend jobless benefits for long-term unemployed

The US Senate has failed to pass a temporary extension of jobless benefits for nearly two million Americans. Republican senators blocked the bid by Democrats…

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Offering Real Help for the Long-Term Unemployed

Offering Real Help for the Long-Term Unemployed
This is having a devastating impact on many Americans nearing retirement. Not only are they no longer contributing to their retirement, they are drawing down their savings and taking Social Security earlier than they had planned — and at a lower …
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Committee wants to hear from LePage administration on unemployment appeals
Paul LePage had summoned Labor Department employees to a mandatory luncheon at the Blaine House on March 21 and scolded them for finding too many unemployment-benefit appeals cases in favor of workers. They were told they were doing their jobs …
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EUC Unemployment Benefit Extension 2014; House Makes Room in the Budget
Although first quarter growth for the U.S. economy was not as positive as many would have liked, economic growth for the year is expected to improve. The unemployment rate recently dipped from 6.7 percent to 6.3 percent and job additions in the latest …
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Rep. LoBiondo wrong to seek extension of long-term unemployment benefit: Letter

Rep. LoBiondo wrong to seek extension of long-term unemployment benefit: Letter
To the Editor: Last week, U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd Dist., called on Congress to pass misguided legislation that would extend long-term unemployment benefits for a 12th time. When the long-term unemployment benefit was enacted nearly six years …
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New London: Mayo paid according to agreement
Norwich attorney Gary A. Cicchiello, in a letter dated April 8 to the city of New London on behalf of Mayo, claims that the city essentially kept the unemployment benefits Mayo collected during a three-month unpaid suspension. Mayo was suspended in …
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America needs to solve long-term unemployment crisis

America needs to solve long-term unemployment crisis
The Senate this week voted once again to revive jobless benefits for those out of work six months or more. Not only is such legislation dead on arrival in the House, but some anti-tax representatives absurdly also want to end all jobless benefits as …
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Long-term unemployment benefit package sits in House limbo
Senate-passed legislation to extend long-term unemployment benefits has stalled in the House, as Speaker John Boehner said Thursday he won't move on the measure until Democrats and the Obama administration agree to include job-creating provisions.
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Colorado's enhanced unemployment insurance benefit program won't continue
A business-backed program that has granted enhanced unemployment insurance benefits to out-of-work Coloradans who receive training for in-demand jobs will end on July 1. Two bills had been moving through the Legislature to extend the program for …
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Think the Long-Term Unemployed Have Lost Their Edge? Wrong

Think the Long-Term Unemployed Have Lost Their Edge? Wrong
The numbers are sobering: Some 3.9 million Americans, or about 2.5 percent of the active workforce, had been unemployed for 27 or more weeks at the end of last year—and 2.6 million of them for at least a year, according to a White House briefing paper …
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Why extending unemployment benefits could be a logistical nightmare
State officials are warning that the bipartisan bill to reinstate federal benefits for the long-term unemployed that passed the Senate on Monday could be a logistical nightmare to implement and could expose the government to extensive fraud. The …
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Fed Recognized Change in Unemployment Goal Could Be Misunderstood
Two weeks later, at their regularly scheduled policy-making session, officials voted to replace a specific focus on a target for unemployment with a longer list of less specific objectives. Officials fretted that the decision would be misunderstood …
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Long-term unemployment benefits end Dec. 28, millions affected

On Saturday, 1.3 million Americans will be losing their primary source of income after the federal government ends its Emergency Unemployment Compensation Pr…
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Long-term unemployment benefits to end for millions

At midnight Friday, 1.3 million Americans who have been without a job for 27 weeks or more will lose long-term unemployment benefits as the new federal budge…
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Long-term jobless face benefits loss with fiscal cliff

Business reporter Marc Lifsher and consumer columnist David Lazarus talk with Loree Levy of the California Employment Development Department. Find more fisca…
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As Washington bickers, long-term unemployed face peril

As Washington bickers, long-term unemployed face peril
She'll be joining roughly 2 million other unemployed Americans who are scheduled to lose Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefits unless Congress chooses to extend them. This group represents the long-term unemployed, those who've been …
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Hillary Clinton: Unemployed
Hillary Clinton: Unemployed. Her widely heralded term as secretary of state has ended in turmoil. Could it affect her presidential prospects? By Jean MacKenzie, GlobalPost. more. All Share Services. Topics: GlobalPost, Hillary Clinton, Nate Silver …
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200000 unemployed New Yorkers facing their own fiscal cliff
Syracuse, N.Y. — Dannielle Loranger had made it to the middle class. The single mother of two boys had a good job as a molecular biologist at Syracuse Research Corp. She was making $ 50,000 with the promise of a raise as soon as she finished her …
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