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Fired, Downsized, or Laid Off : What Your Employer Doesn’t Want You to Know…

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Fired, Laid Off, Out of a Job: A Manual for Understanding, Coping, Surviving, By

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1982 Kora - Korz GENE Koral Laid Off Building Inspector Press Photo
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was i wrongfully laid off?

Question by wyte529: was i wrongfully laid off?
Ive worked for an apartment complex for almost 3 years making $ 9 an hr, i decided to just recently take a week vacation, ( after giving a 48 day notice.) my first in those 3 years. upon returning to work my boss told me i was being laid off, saying that an outside contractor was hired to do the same job i do, but cheaper. however also stating that i was an exceptional employee. there were only 4 ppl working for the company, one in which was hired about a year after me. He was able to keep his job even tho i was with the company a year longer. this other guy is the bosses daughters boyfriend and to me it doesn’t seem right that i lost my job when i was a good employee and had more seniority. The manager stated that he wouldn’t deny me unemployment, but i would also no longer be able to reside at the apartment complex which i have lived and worked for the last 3 years, even if i paid full rent like a normal tenant. i feel as if i was wrongfully terminated/laid off, does anyone agree, or know if i should hire an attorney?? Thanks i appreciate it.

Best answer:

Answer by The Dweeb
I hate to say this, but forget it. Unless you had an employment contract or you were part of a Union, you have no grounds.

Good luck in everything. Sorry my news was bad.

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Reason for leaving? Laid off.?

Question by Emma: Reason for leaving? Laid off.?
I am applying to a new position and recently ‘left’ my part-time job (still employed fulltime at other position). It was working in a fast paced environment and my managers said they didn’t feel I was fast enough after working there for six months. My employeer talked to me and said there had never been any complaints about me and the girls said I did a great job, but there was a fear I wasn’t fast enough. So, I was let go. She said I could use her as a reference in future employement.

So, under reason for leaving, what should I put. Laid off? Would that be appropriate?

Best answer:

Answer by Maria
Yes, to say on an application that you were laid off is appropriate.

If there were no complaints, and only a concern about something that may or may not happen, you may have a case for wrongful dismissal. Did they document that you weren’t meeting expected output? Had you been given training and coaching for being more efficient or productive? If none of those things happened, and the official reason for you no longer being employed there is being “not fast enough” then they didn’t follow proper procedure in letting you go. However, if your position was eliminated, and no one hired to fill your spot, then you were truly laid off.

Still, in presenting yourself to prospective employers, simply say you were laid off. In this economy especially, it’s unlikely there would be any more discussion on that topic in an interview or afterward. Just keep the details to yourself.

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14 Vandenberg Hot Shot Crew Members To Be Laid Off
VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif.- Central Coast News has learned 14 Vandenberg Hot Shot crew members will soon by out of a job. According to officials, a full hot shot crew is 21 members and 14 employees will be let go. Last year, crew members …

Local blind employees laid off by federal sequester
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Oshkosh Defense laying off 900
700 union, hourly employees will be laid off on June 14th. 200 salaried employees will be laid off by mid-July. After the layoffs, Oshkosh Defense will still employ 2,800 people in Oshkosh. Some employees will be offered early retirement packages …

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New Non-Pesticide Bed Bug Spray and Bed Bug Bills Laid Out in Connecticut Seek to Help the Public Fight Off the Pests, My Cleaning Products Relates the Details

Hartford, CT (PRWEB) February 26, 2013

It is undeniable that bed bugs are now so widespread. And so to help the public fight them off, reported that Connecticut lawmakers laid out two bills addressing bed bug problems in public and private housings. And wanting to help as well, My Cleaning Products suggested to all the use of a pesticide-exempt bed bug spray. It also announced that samples of it are available for everyone.

According to the said report, one of the bills was proposed by Bridgeport Senator Andres Ayala and sets the duties of the landlord as well as that of the tenants. Meanwhile, the other bill, it related, was designed by Waterbury Representative Larry Butler and specifies the procedures of bed bug extermination in housing units public or not.

Below is a part of the said report.

Connecticut lawmakers are considering legislation that spells out the responsibilities of landlords and tenants when it comes to bed bug infestations.

The General Assembly’s Housing Committee is scheduled to hear testimony Tuesday on several bills addressing bed bugs.

Acknowledging that the two bills could indeed help control the bed bug spread, My Cleaning Products also expressed its intention to help the public. It introduced to them an organic bed bug spray that offers an effective and safe bed bug treatment.

Specifically, that bed bug spray is Bed Bug Bully. As proven by pest-control companies, it delivers a truly effective bed bug treatment cutting their labor cost by $ 1,000, said the company.

In addition, it related that it is approved by FIFRA 25(b). And as a pesticide-exempt solution, MCP stated that it provides a safe bed bug treatment protecting its users and anyone else exposed to it from chemical health risks.

As a bonus, My Cleaning Products shared that Bed Bug Bully is also inexpensive. Any bed bug victim, it said, could kill bed bugs without spending too big with its help. And anyone could actually prove that himself, it asserted, as complimentary samples of the said bed bug spray are now available. So, to test the product and see for themselves how well it works, the company urged the public to grab a sample of it.

Any bed bug victim could get a Bed Bug Bully Complimentary Sample at, shared MCP.

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Laid Off: Valuable Advice from Men and Women Who Started Over

Laid Off: Valuable Advice from Men and Women Who Started Over

Laid Off: Valuable Advice from Men and Women Who Started Over

This is a survival manual for anyone who is in the midst of a career change. These are voices from people who have emerged into a better life after having gone through the worry, frustration, fear and self doubt of being laid off. This is a small book with a big impact. You have in your hands: Career/job ideas, Resources for job leads, Business start-up strategies, Ways to improve your standing in the job market, Resources, websites and books that were the most frequently mentioned and helpful to over 3500 participants from four different forums.

List Price: $ 11.95

Price: $ 11.95

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Breakthrough: The Hate My Job, Need a Life, Got Laid Off, Can't Get No Satisfact

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