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Should Government Encourage Consumer Spending? – 10.03.11 (Part 3) RE Radio With Louis Cammarosano

Ryan notes that the consumer sentiment rose last week. Ryan notes that perhaps falling gas prices had an impact on consumer sentiment. Ryan note that those t…

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Should the government pay for an advertising campaign to encourage consumer spending?

Question by Tothepoint: Should the government pay for an advertising campaign to encourage consumer spending?
Since low consumer demand is holding back economic growth, would it make sense for the government to launch a massive advertising campaign, encouraging Americans to spend more money as a patriotic duty, until we are back to full employment? I was wondering if this has ever been tried.

Best answer:

Answer by Mr. Smartypants
There was some advertising like that in the first years of the Great Depression, under the Hoover administration. It didn’t work.

There are some things you can’t change with advertising. People are feeling squeezed. Unemployment is high and people who do have jobs don’t feel secure in them. There are good reasons why consumer confidence is down, and those things will have to be changed before it comes up again.

At this point things are getting better, but slowly. At least we’re going in the right direction.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Do rank ‘n’ file Democrats understand the difference between consumer spending and government spending?

Question by El Tecolote: Do rank ‘n’ file Democrats understand the difference between consumer spending and government spending?
Consumer spending stimulates the economy. Government spending requires more and more tax money from the consumer, which leads to less consumer spending. While Democrats are telling us that leading economists say spending stimulates the economy, I have to wonder if they honestly believe they read the reports correctly.

Best answer:

Answer by Reality has a Liberal bias
Why do conservatives keep pushing for tax cuts when they’re less effective than government spending?

“The multipliers showed that increased government spending would have more of a multiplier effect than tax cuts. ”

“In congressional testimony given in July 2008, Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s, provided estimates of the one year multiplier effect for several fiscal policy options. The multipliers showed that increased government spending would have more of a multiplier effect than tax cuts. The most effective policy, a temporary increase in food stamps, had an estimated multiplier of 1.73. Making the Bush tax cuts permanent, had the second lowest multiplier, 0.23. A payroll tax holiday had the largest multiplier for tax cuts, 1.29. Refundable lump-sum tax rebates, the policy used in the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, had the second largest multiplier for a tax cut, 1.26.[2]”

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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New Partnership Helps Government Contractors Lower Payroll Costs While Staying Compliant

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) January 22, 2010

Foundation Software, Inc., the developer of Americas #1 construction accounting software, and Fringe Benefit Group, an industry leader in group benefit plans designed specifically for hourly and part-time workers, today announced a partnership intended to provide government contractors with a competitive advantage when bidding government projects. As a result of the alliance, merit shop government contractors will be able to dramatically lower payroll costs while streamlining their payroll, benefits and accounting processes and remaining compliant with increasing government regulations.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) includes a provision that all resulting projects fall under the provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act. Contractors working on Davis-Bacon Act jobs must adhere to numerous regulations, such as submitting a weekly certified payroll to the U.S. Department of Labor and providing employees with local prevailing wages including the anticipated cost of prevailing benefits, commonly referred to as fringe benefits.

Processing payroll can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for construction companies. Shifting pay rates, multi-state and local taxes, workers compensation and certified payroll are among the many unique and complex challenges that contractors face. Foundation helps contractors by providing standard payroll processing services, and easily handles construction-specific items like multiple states, jobs, localities, and pay rates. Unlike traditional payroll providers, Foundation offers construction payroll reporting such as certified payroll, new hire, EEO minority compliance, job labor and job hour variance, proofing reports and workers compensation. Foundation also takes over the administration of various payroll functions, including garnishments, fringe allocation, and year-end tasks (such as printing W2s).

Processing payroll can be difficult and time-consuming for any business, but construction payroll is especially tough, said Fred Ode, president of Foundation. We have partnered with Fringe Benefit Group and integrated our systems to help contractors streamline the entire payroll and benefits processes, thus creating a more simple and cost effective solution. Both companies have focused on construction contractors and their unique payroll and benefits needs for 30 years. As a result of this partnership, all a contractor needs to do is upload their payroll and we can take care of the rest.

The Contractors Plan powered by Fringe Benefit Group works seamlessly with Foundation to help government contractors stay compliant with government regulations and bid more competitively while providing quality benefits to their employees. Currently, many government contractors pay the fringe benefit portion of the prevailing wage as additional cash wages, believing it is the easiest way to comply with the law. But allocating the fringe amount to a bona fide benefit plan, such as The Contractors Plan from Fringe Benefit Group, results in significant cost savings on payroll burden because these monies are not subject to FICA, FUTA, state unemployment taxes and workers compensation insurance. Benefits that might be included in a bona fide benefit plan offering are retirement, medical, dental, vision and life insurance plans.

There has been a significant increase in competition for public jobs and so contractors must examine all their costs and best practices in order to compete effectively, said Adam Bonsky, executive vice president of government markets for Fringe Benefit Group. This partnership provides prevailing wage contractors with a distinct competitive advantage when bidding on government projects. Both companies are equally committed to simplifying the payroll and benefit administration processes while helping contractors remain compliant, which ultimately helps our clients win jobs.

About Foundation

Since 1985, Foundation has developed leading-edge solutions in construction accounting, project management, scheduling and service dispatch applications; as well as construction-specific payroll services.

Foundation Construction Payroll Service ( is the only nation-wide payroll service provider devoted exclusively to contractors. They offer complete payroll processing and tax filing services plus various construction reporting options like Certified Payroll, New Hire, EEO/Minority Compliance, Job Labor and Job Hour Variance, Workers” Compensation and Proofing.


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Laurence Kotlikoff debates Tax Hikes versus Spending Cuts in US Government

REFERENCE: BROADCAST YEAR: 2012 ABOUT Laurence Kotlikoff: Laurence Kotlikoff Offi…
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Government to Provide Michigan Unemployment Extension to Alleviate the Sufferings of the Unemployed,

(PRWEB) June 28, 2011

Unemployment in the US has been on the rise although most of the public may think otherwise. After the economic turmoil, millions of people have lost their jobs. Some of them are underemployed, while most of them are unemployed, according to Unemployment-Extension.Org.

The jobs are being axed out by big companies to sustain the global competition. Reports show that number of unemployed people in USA is over 14 million, while only 7 million are collecting unemployment.

This leaves the unemployed people in the lurch and their lives come to a grinding halt. Though, they get the unemployment insurance to meet their immediate needs. However, in the long term it is difficult to meet the needs of the family.

Most of the unemployed people turned out to be discouraged workers and they stop looking for the job considering the lull in the economy. That is when the government decides to provide the stimulus by giving extended benefits.

The government has tried to provide the economic booster by giving the unemployment benefits to those who have lost their jobs. However, most of the people have exhausted their benefits limits. However, according to the sources, the government is providing Michigan unemployment extension for the unemployed masses in the Michigan state. These benefits will be over and above the normal unemployment insurance benefits received by the individuals.

According to a law, the Michigan state workers can get additional benefits up to 13 weeks. Though, this does not help improve the employment status, but it can definitely give a great relief to these unemployed people. Their families can also take advantage of this extension. However, those who are eligible can get Michigan unemployment extension.

Those persons who do not have a full time job and they are not receiving any additional benefits from any other state or Canada and they have exhausted their unemployment insurance under Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Program. However, those workers who are not willing to apply for work are disqualified for the benefits.

Surprisingly though, Michigan state has the highest number of unemployment rate which is as high as 8.5% and it seems the numbers are going to increase. Therefore, considering the unemployment status in the Michigan state, the benefits have been extended.

Michigan unemployment extension benefits will help those persons who have exhausted their regular 26 weeks benefits to meet their financial obligations. A person can continue to search for a job without any stress.

According to the reports by Unemployment-Extension.Org, an additional stimulus package is also approved by the government for the Michigan state. This package allows people to get additional benefits of $ 25 each week. The additional funds are coming to the Michigan State are coming via American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Latest updates on Unemployment can be found at http://www.Unemployment-Extension.Org.


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Vintage Government Printing Unemployment Compensation 1936 of SS Act R Wagenet

1958 Press Photo Applicants line to claim for unemployment compensation
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Bureau of Unemployment Compensation of State of Georgia V. Independent Gasoline
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The Australian Government are a bit slow on the uptake?

Question by Woody: The Australian Government are a bit slow on the uptake?
Next year they say unemployment will rise by the loss of 250,000 jobs.
They also think the jobless rate will peak in 2010 at 9%

Try at least double those manipulated numbers…fools!

Best answer:

Answer by miss schlonky
Well, it depends how the unemployment criteria and rates are measured. The previous government kept our unemployment rate low by not counting unemployed people in training programs, work for the dole or underemployed people doing a few hours of shifts a week.

Maybe the current government will have to resort to also counting unemployed stay-at-home-mums (cos raising kids is a job, right?), volunteer workers and everyone who gets cut off Centrelink benefits at least once a year as “not technically unemployed” to maintain such optimistic figures.

Give your answer to this question below!

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The Contract System of Employment for Senior Government Officials (Paperback)


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The Employment Contract: Rights and Duties of Employers and Employees
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