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Employment Professional Robb Mulberger Gives Job Seekers a Powerful Tool with New Book


(PRWEB) April 23, 2013 — The recession that began in 2008 has left lasting repercussions for employment, especially for white-collar workers. This new book, written by an employment specialist with more than 40 years of experience, aims to give job seekers a straightforward tool they can use to find a job. It contains practical advice about tactics and strategy, resumes and interviewing, salary negotiation and finding jobs in unexpected places.

The Ultimate Job-Seekers Guide is designed to help those who are unemployed position themselves to be hired, as well as helping people who are under-employed leverage their experience into a job opportunity. This step-by-step guide offers information on outshining the competition and includes common mistakes job-seekers make that hurt their chances. Chapters cover everything from revving up for a job search while unemployed to specific Internet search techniques, resume writing, moving from government work to the private sector, negotiating salaries and benefits, and how to resign to take a new position.

The authors vast experience gives him an authoritative voice for job seekers to follow. Mulberger even offers strategies on how to be successful the first few months on a new job. Detailed chapter summaries, examples of resumes and cover letters, and tips on effective networking further enhance this indispensable book for new graduates, those seeking a different position or anyone looking for employment.

Author Robb Mulberger has worked as a recruiter, managed several national staffing firms, currently owns and operates NRI Staffing Resources of Washington, D.C., (a regional staffing services firm ), and served as a director and the president of the American Staffing Association.


For additional information, please visit

The Ultimate Job-Seekers Guide

Robb Mulberger

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1756-3

156 pages

$ 14.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

About Dog Ear Publishing, LLC

Dog Ear Publishing offers completely customized self-publishing services for independent authors. We provide cost-effective, fast, and highly profitable services to publish and distribute independently published books. Our book publishing and distribution services reach worldwide. Dog Ear authors retain all rights and complete creative control throughout the entire self-publishing process. Self-publishing services are available globally at and from our offices in Indianapolis.

Dog Ear Publishing self-publishing that actually makes sense.

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Birmingham Private Detectives Gives Information about Fraud Investigation Services in Light of The Telegraph Report: Spanish Man Chops Off His Hand to Claim

(PRWEB UK) 28 April 2013

According to the Telegraph report by Harriet Alexander an unnamed Spanish man told 11 different insurance companies that he had lost his hand in a car crash. Investigators became suspicious when they discovered the mans hand was too cleanly severed and the bone had not been affected to be a result of a car accident. Jose Luis Nieto, president of Spanish accident investigators Gesterec said:

There were various things that did not add up He also described this claim as one of the most memorable

Last year in a 12 month period in which almost 150,000 investigations were carried out into suspicious claims, a rise of 11.9 %.

In another case last year a Spanish man cut off his arm above the elbow and claimed 600,000 Euros saying it was an electric saw accident.

The report goes on to suggest that the sharp rise in fraudulent claims comes as Spain announced the worst unemployment figures since records began in the 1970s. Desperate home owners, unable to pay their mortgages, have been committing suicide at such a rate that the government has been forced to suspend the eviction of tenants in arrears.

Private investigator in Birmingham, Birmingham Private Detectives is often approached by businesses and individuals to investigate suspected cases of fraud. Over the years these cases have included insurance fraud, benefits fraud and bogus sickness or injury fraud and investigators have had much success for their clients. Investigations may include surveillance of the suspected target, forensic investigation and a though investigation into the facts of the case and the evidence available. The last method is very much like the case in the report of the Spanish man who cut off his own hand.

Investigator and spokesperson from Birmingham Private Detectives, Kristy George said:

Investigators at Birmingham Private Detectives have investigated many different cases of fraud for clients and it is always surprising what desperate or greedy people will do to themselves in order to cheat the system for monitory gain.

Birmingham Private Detectives along with their private investigator in Bristol sister company, Bristol Private Detectives is a team of highly trained professional and discreet private investigators and detectives with over 35 years experience in the industry. Their understanding and approachable team of male and female detectives are available 24/7 to conduct matrimonial, corporate and private investigations

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PayScale Launches Program to Help Users Achieve Career Goals; Gives Away an Extra Paycheck

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) January 03, 2013

January 3, 2013 – PayScale, Inc., the world’s largest real-time salary data provider with 40 million unique user profiles, today announced the launch of the PayScale Make It Happen program and the Extra Paycheck Sweepstakes.

The Make It Happen program will help individuals take control of their careers by providing guidance on how to achieve the following career goals:

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Consumer spending gives boost to recovery

Consumer spending gives boost to recovery
The latest support for that view comes from data on consumer spending, which grew at a surprisingly quick pace in February, pushed upward by robust demand for cars and building materials. The report this week from the Commerce Department came just a …
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Budget 2013: households cut spending by £12000
Richard Lloyd, executive director at Which?, said: 'The squeeze on incomes and collapse in consumer confidence has led households to slash their spending during the financial crisis, with a devastating impact on the wider economy. The longer the …
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Britain's squeezed households largely explain the country's flatlining economy
Cheaper credit to new and lively firms could lift productivity and, in time, wages. At the moment consumer spending is under the cosh. But it could come good—just as exports could rise, and companies could start spending some of their colossal cash …
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NC House gives initial OK to unemployment changes

NC House gives initial OK to unemployment changes
The Republican majority that drew up the fix for the hemorrhaging unemployment insurance system defeated several Democratic amendments designed to ease the burden upon displaced workers. Businesses would see federal unemployment insurance …

Unemployment benefits are taxable
"You must include in income all unemployment compensation you receive," according to IRS Publication 525. "You should receive a Form 1099G showing in box 1 the total unemployment compensation paid to you. In most cases, you enter unemployment …

Pa. Inmates Getting Unemployment Checks?
Sara Goulet, press secretary for the Department of Labor and Industry, said officials have already stopped payment to about 3,000 people, saving about $ 18 million in unemployment compensation payouts. The department attaches an annual savings of about …

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  • nc unemployment benefit changes in 2012
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Emergency Unemployment Compensation Gives 2012 Unemployment Extension

Emergency Unemployment Compensation Gives 2012 Unemployment Extension

Congress has successfully implemented the emergency unemployment compensation act, allowing a full 99 weeks of unemployment extensions to unemployed Americans: “unemployment extension” “2012 unemployment extension” “emergency unemployment compensation”

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Renewable Energy Company Gives Former Inmates and Veterans New Chance at Rebuilding Their Lives

Indiantown, FL (PRWEB) September 24, 2012

Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. is a leader in biodiesel production in Florida. The company, based in Indiantown, Florida, is committed to affecting positive change within its community. Its outreach efforts include hiring Veterans who have just returned from serving our country as well as a program for former inmates to get a fresh start and new lease on life.

According to the 2010 Pew Center of the States report Collateral Costs: Incarceration’s Effect on Economic Mobility, incarceration reduces former inmates future earnings by 40%. Who hasn’t made a mistake in life before? No one. But the real question is should that one mistake stop you from building a future and providing for your family? No, it shouldn’t, we need to start believing in people again exclaims Jeff Longo Executive Vice President of Genuine Bio-Fuel while discussing the ex-felon-to-hire program he started. Longo also sympathized with the young Veterans fighting for our country stating, The unemployment rate for Veterans between the ages of 18-24 is 30%, that is atrocious. These young people leave their homes and families to serve and protect our country and they deserve the best opportunities from us when they return.

Genuine Bio-fuel combats these statistics with its program, aptly titled the Second Chance Program, by providing equal wage jobs to former inmates and Veterans. Longo’s goal in establishing the program was to create an environment where former inmates and Veterans are able to start a new life. He decided to take a hire, not fire approach to staffing Genuine Bio-Fuel and the effort has paid off. In addition to each employee receiving another chance to rebuild their lives, each is also sharpening their technical skill-sets while gaining hands on experience in the renewable energy industry. Genuine Bio-Fuel also offers them free training if they want to pursue careers in the green sector.

According to the Florida Right on Crime Statement of principles, Florida had the third largest correctional system in the nation, an incarceration rate about 26% higher than the national average and a recidivism rate of 33% in 2011, but those numbers don’t scare Jeff Longo. He believes that everyone deserves at least a chance. Since beginning the program, GBF has been able to build a cohesive workforce bonded by experiences, and sustained with loyalty. He adds If we just start to believe in people again, give them the opportunity to work and earn and decent salary, we can stop the vicious circle of them going back to jail because they have no way of starting a new life, and we could support Veterans, the people giving their lives to serve us, much more.

Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. is a leader in biodiesel producer in Florida. Working with local communities since 2008 they collect used vegetable cooking oil, refine it and efficiently produces renewable, sustainable clean biodiesel that meets or exceeds the required ASTM standards. An RFS-2 Registered Renewable Fuel Producer, this dedicated environmental steward is 100% privately funded.

To find more information on the Second Chance Program please contact Jeff Longo by phone toll free 866-268-7885, or via email at gbf(at)genuinebiofuel(dot)com.

To find out more about Genuine Bio-Fuel please visit our website

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Respect the Rotation Initiative Gives Farmers Fuel to Fight Back

Research Triangle Park, NC (PRWEB) June 07, 2012

In a growing number of fields across this vast country, herbicide-resistant weeds are towering over valuable crops, their branches dripping thousands of stubborn seeds that if left unchecked will infest fields and choke out profits for years to come. In the Mid-South, crews of workers are chopping pigweed that resemble small trees. These all too common sights in the Mid-South are threatening to become commonplace in the Midwest. More than at any time in our history, farmers must manage for weed control or face the loss of productivity, sustainability and their legacy to future generations.

To help cultivate ideas and answers to these resistance problems, Bayer CropScience and its university partners have scheduled 12 Respect the Rotation field day events for 2012 at research facilities and farms throughout the Midwest and South.

Now entering its third year, Respect the Rotation promotes rotation of crops, herbicide-tolerant traits and herbicide modes of action to encourage greater diversity in herbicide programs and reinforce the principles of Integrated Weed Management. These in-field, in-season forums allow farmers and industry experts to bring the lab to the field and learn the real impact of weed resistance issues. They explore solutions spanning a multitude of arenas and technologies designed to allow farmers to fight back. The initiative aims to help change mindsets and management practices to help sustain profitability and longevity for farmers, as well as maintain the value and effectiveness of current herbicide programs and trait technologies.

During last years programs, more than 1,000 farmers, retailers and crop consultants saw the impact that herbicide-resistant weeds can potentially have on their farming operations and profits.

Respect The Rotation was launched by Bayer to elevate the crisis of weed resistance in the U.S., explains Andy Hurst, trait product manager for Bayer CropScience. Weeds resistant to glyphosate and other herbicides are a huge threat, not only to weed management, but also to efficient production of row crops. Farmers need to stay ahead of this curve, adopt good weed management practices like rotation of the LibertyLink trait into their crop production plans, and hopefully preserve the value of technologies they have currently available to them.

Bayer is dedicated to bringing game-changing technologies to market that address the most important agronomic challenges farmers face, he adds. These solutions affect not only an individual farmers profitability, but contribute to U.S. agriculture by providing healthier, more plentiful food for the world, one harvest at a time.

Geographical Emphasis

Events will be held in both the Midwest and the South this summer.

Southern events are scheduled for Arkansas, Mississippi and North Carolina, where the continued spread of glyphosate-tolerant Palmer amaranth which can grow two or more inches per day threatens traditional row crop production in a very big way. Southern farmers continue to focus on rotation and prevention.

Ive seen fields that probably didnt justify putting a combine through, and thats at 12-to-13 dollar soybeans, reports Richard Imboden, who grows soybeans and rice near Cherry Valley, Ark. I decided I had to do something, and Im doing the best I can to keep the problem down. Its a proactive thing. Its a lot easier to prevent a problem than cure it.

Midwest events will be held at sites in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Minnesota where glyphosate-resistant waterhemp, giant ragweed, kochia and other weeds are the cause of increasing damage for farmers across the Corn Belt. In addition, weed resistance to other herbicide modes of action and weeds with multiple resistance present another layer of problems for which Midwest farmers are desperate to find a solution.

We did survey work to determine what is the incidence of glyphosate resistance in waterhemp, as well as the incidence of multiple resistance to two other herbicides, says Pat Tranel, weed scientist with the University of Illinois. Glyphosate resistance was confirmed in 83 percent of the fields [in Illinois] where resistance was suspected, and thats not real surprising. The bottom line is if you suspect you have resistance to glyphosate, you probably do. You probably also have resistance to ALS inhibitors, and you have a one-in-three chance of also having resistance to PPO inhibitors.

Respect the Rotation

The only way to remain profitable in the face of weed resistance is to Respect the Rotation rotation of crops, herbicide modes of action and herbicide-tolerant traits to increase diversity in every facet of crop production.

For dates and locations on the 2012 schedule and to register for the event nearest you please visit, talk to your local Bayer CropScience representative or call 1-866-99-BAYER (1-866-992-2937). Additional information about Respect the Rotation, including educational tools, is available online at


Follow Bayer at @Bayer4CropsUS.

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Entrepreneur Gives Aspiring Businesspeople Career Opportunities in Tough Economic Times

Dewey Beach, DE (PRWEB) April 15, 2012

As of March, the unemployment rate in the United States was 8.3 percent. While its not the 10 percent it was at the height of the recession, the rate is still not back to a healthy number. But experts say a down economy is a perfect time to start a business, and there are plenty of opportunities for hard-working entrepreneurs. Mike Mann, founder of and, is looking for presidents, CEOs and chairmen to head several new businesses he wants to establish.

Mann is an entrepreneur who explained his unique approach to business in his book Make Millions & Make Change! Secrets to Business and Personal Success.

Having a strong Internet domain name is a must in the business world, he said. Its the equivalent to having a good brick-and-mortar location. It also comes with lots of search engine optimization benefits, which drive inexpensive new customers.

Search engine optimization is the process of improving a websites visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Choosing a domain name with generic keywords, like my companies have, will dramatically improve your visibility online, Mann said, referencing a recent article from Microsoft about the impacts of domain names on search.

One company Mann and his team are looking for a president to head is, LLC. will be a social media consulting and development company, Mann said. Im looking for a marketing expert with extensive experience in social media and technology to be president of this firm.

SellingForce, LLC is another company Mann is looking for someone to lead.

SellingForce will be a sales consulting firm, he said. The company will provide sales services to other companies in need of sales departments. The president of SellingForce will need experience in management, Internet marketing and a proven track record in sales leadership.

Other Mann organizations seeking leaders include:

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Singapore Gives Startups a Leg Up in China

Singapore (PRWEB) June 19, 2012

In a bid to help its startups access overseas markets and become global players, the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), a public-private sector collaborative unit which aims to spur entrepreneurship in Singapore, has just launched its first overseas chapter in Beijing.

Just last month, ACE launched the ACE Mentoring Program to complement the ACE Startups Grant. ACE Startups was initiated to help entrepreneurial Singaporeans take the first step to start and build their first business, an in turn, to create valued jobs for Singaporeans. ACEs mentoring program, on the other hand, was designed to help ACE Startups grow sustainably with mentoring during their first year of operations.

While the mentoring and funding initiatives form two of ACEs five strategic thrusts, the ACE Beijing Chapter represents the third. The other two thrusts are networking and communications.

Singapore company registration specialist, Rikvin, is optimistic that the Beijing Chapter will open up more opportunities for startups to go global.

First of all, as the largest market in the world in many areas, China offers attractive business opportunities. Singapore companies can expect opportunities in a wide range of sectors as the demand for quality goods and services increase in China, in tandem with rapid urbanization and a growing middle class population.

Secondly, Beijing offers an ideal soft landing platform for Singapore entrepreneurs and their mentors to improve their chances of success.

Mr. Satish Bakhda, General Manager and Head of Rikvins Operations said, The ACE Beijing Chapter acts as a bridge between Singapore startups targeting the global market and the networks in China. Entrepreneurs should take advantage of such opportunities to make internationalization part of their growth strategy right from the early stages of their business development so that they can sustain their business over the longer term.

The ACE Beijing Chapter is the first overseas chapter to be launched by the ACE Overseas Chapter Subcommittee. First-time entrepreneurs may tap funding by applying via the ACE Startups Scheme.The model will be replicated in other cities.

Adding his comments, Mr. Bakhda said, Even though the ACE Startups Program is open only to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, foreign professionals stand to benefit as well. The Program can help create more sustainable businesses in Singapore and influence other entrepreneurial individuals to take cue.

We anticipate that this Program will play a part in expanding the economic pie for everyone, especially talented PMEs in Singapore and those from abroad who can complement our workforce. This could in turn manifest a positive cyclical effect which sees even more Singapore company formation and white to gold collar professionals opting for the Personalized Employment Pass or other types of Singapore work visas, added Mr. Bakhda.


Established in 1998, Rikvin has since partnered with thousands of investors, entrepreneurs and professionals in their pursuit to access business opportunities overseas. Rikvins areas of expertise include company incorporation, offshore company setup, accounting, taxation and other related corporate services. Rikvin is also a licensed employment agency with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and offers a full spectrum of Singapore employment pass services for foreign professionals who wish to relocate to Singapore.

20 Cecil Street, #14-01, Equity Plaza, Singapore 049705

(65) 6320 1888

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