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US jobless claims hint at further labor-market gains

US jobless claims hint at further labor-market gains
The number of Americans applying to receive jobless benefits has been low for months and the improved pace of hiring in the U.S. will probably keep it that way at least until the end of the year. Economists polled by MarketWatch expect initial jobless …
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Jobless Claims Fall to an 8-Year Low
Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg's Michael McKee discusses jobless claims numbers and overall wages with Matt Miller on "Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg). Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. This, i'm now a natural …
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Dollar rises on jobless claims, though geopolitical woes dampen gains – A better-than-expected weekly report on U.S. jobless claims bolstered the dollar over other major currencies on Thursday, though fears military conflicts in Ukraine and in the Middle East may crimp global recovery capped the greenback's …
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Shankar Sharma – US consumer spending likely to decline further

Shankar Sharma – US consumer spending likely to decline further.
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QualiTest, the Worlds Second Largest Pure Play Software Testing Company, Acquires Plusfort, Further Expanding its Software Testing Services in the Netherlands

Amsterdam, NL (PRWEB) December 04, 2012

QualiTest has acquired all of Plusfort assets including its customer portfolio, employs and management team that will be joining the 8 years old QualiTest NL operation. Plusfort management team will join and expended QualiTest NL management team allowing them to offer a wider range of services and to accommodate the growing software testing needs of QualiTest NL customers. QualiTest group provides End-to-End testing solutions as well as SLA based managed testing services to hundreds of clients worldwide. This latest expansion in the Dutch market will allow QualiTest NL to better duplicate QualiTest global success and in the local Dutch arena.

This Plusfort acquisition follows the Four Oaks acquisition earlier this year. Four Oaks, founded in 2001, was one of the largest testing companies in the Netherlands with a strong presence in the government, retail, banking and insurance industries. QualiTest NL now comprised the original QualiTest team and the absorbed Four Oaks and Plusfort assets.

With this acquisition QualiTest NL is rapidly becoming a major pure play testing company in the Netherlands, said Ayal Zylberman, QualiTest Group President, QualiTest is already the worlds second largest specialist testing firm, and we are working hard to gather the right assets that will allow us to continue grow our share of the Dutch testing market while introducing our unique approach and engagement models.

The decision to join forces was prompted by market demand for increased innovation in the managed testing services arena, said Hans Barendse, Plusfort CEO. What each company brings to the table creates a synergy that allow QualiTest NL to strengthen its connection to local industry while introducing a stronger software testing provider to the Dutch market, he added.

About QualiTest

QualiTest Group is a global leading QA and testing company that is committed to improving quality by providing superior QA solutions and advanced methodologies to customers and partners worldwide. Through QualiTest’s 1400 software testing professionals in 12 branches, QualiTest provides a variety of services to a broad portfolio of clients that include large and small organizations and global Fortune 500 companies. For more information, go to

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New Procedures Enhance MD Beauty Labs Exceptional Service Still Further

West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 05, 2012

Its a busy time at MD Beauty Labs, located in the heart of West Palm Beach, Fla..

Already recognized as the premier Palm Beach Med Spa, MD Beauty Labs has introduced a range of exciting new procedures in the past six months. These services are in addition to the established and popular range of procedures for which Dr. Daniela Dadurian has earned an enviable reputation as a caring, sensitive, and experienced professional.

The newest treatment that the spa is offering is the revolutionary, non-invasive Venus Freeze, which combines two sources of energy, namely, multi-polar radio frequency and pulsed magnetic fields, which work synergistically to tighten skin, and improve its elasticity and overall condition. Not only does a patients skin tissue experience a self-repair process from the Venus Freeze thus minimizing wrinkles, but simultaneously subcutaneous fat masses can be decreased and body circumferences reduced.

The results achieved using this patented skin rejuvenation technology are not only remarkable, but also pain-free with no damage to the skin. The facilitys MedSpa Director Jennifer Carbone explains, This procedure can be used on anyone who has loose skin that needs firming or tightening. It can be applied on any area of the body, face, neck and tummy, and is suitable for all ages.

The Venus Freeze technique can also be used to treat cellulite, eliminating its orange peel effect, while also improving blood circulation.

The Vampire Facelift, demonstrated on The Doctor Show, is another of the new, patented procedures recently introduced to MD Beauty Labs. Carbone explains, It is designed for somebody who cannot be injected with regular fillers in, for example, the hollows under the eyes or above the brow. She continues, Unlike regular fillers, which can make the skin look bumpy, the Vampire Facelift looks completely natural.

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Is there a realistic chance that Congress will add a further extension of unemployment benefits?

Question by jan b: Is there a realistic chance that Congress will add a further extension of unemployment benefits?
As congress considers the specifics of the Wall street bailout,is it likely that a Further Extension of Unemployment benefits will be added to the legislation?

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Is quantitative easing just going to further wreck the macro-economic context in which creative destruction…?

Question by ACCOUNT NOT IN USE: Is quantitative easing just going to further wreck the macro-economic context in which creative destruction…?
has to take place.

Can anyone give any examples from history, where quantitative easing has worked, where high inflation has helped jobs, helped create economic stability, and helped people make long term investments?
So is printing more money, a nuts policy?

How can a problem of debt, be solved, with MORE debt?
Is deflation is myth? If you look at the gold market, look at the gilds market, the myth of deflation is being swept away. What about oil prices too. how much have they gone up in the last month or so?

From what I’ve read, no one in the markets, i.e. people aside from politicians, actually believes in deflation, because they all know that the anglo-saxon economies are debasing their currencies, in order to inflate their way out of the massive debts that we face. the rest of the world knows this is happening, which is why our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay far more interest on the debt that our politicians are running up.
Sorry, that’s meant to be*gilts* market

Best answer:

Answer by esp.eclipser
The aim is not to create high inflation but to prevent deflation.

Deflation is definitely not a myth, it does happen. And it happens when the economy is in recession and interest rates are already close to zero. Sound familiar?

But I think what you meant is whether deflation looks likely now. If the answer is no it is solely because of the inflationary pressure of current policy implementations. Which means that you are not arguing that the inflationary policy is bad, but rather that they are using too much of it. So how much do you think would be the right amount?

You may be right, but I am very skeptical that policy makers want to cause high inflation. High inflation generally accelerates and policy makers know this. Deflation not only is very bad for the economy but it increases the value of foreign liabilities. So even if they are using inflation to control liabilities, it does not mean that they want to cause high inflation.

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CAMEO Applauds Obamas Direction on Small Business and Says Go Further

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2012

President Obama announced six initiatives yesterday that will help small businesses; CAMEO, the California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity, says his initiatives will help some small businesses, but not the overwhelming majority that are very small and micro businesses; what most small firms need goes beyond the Presidents efforts.

The Administrations initiatives include five executive actions that will accelerate Federal payments on contracts to small businesses, reduce paperwork for federal loan programs, and make it easier for small firms to access loans and tax credits, and one legislative proposal to raise the amount of investment small businesses can expense on next years taxes.

President Obama’s plans are great for some small businesses, but what the large majority of small businesses really need is help with their business plan or cash flow projections.

“The first step to success for locally grown and start-up micro-businesses is business assistance: training and mentoring for new entrepreneurs, says Claudia Viek, C.E.O. of CAMEO. We surveyed our members, and found that when business owners receive business assistance, they have an 80% success rate and create two jobs on average over three-to-five years.

Its fairly well-established in the business research literature that the success rate for business start-ups is under 50%.

The Presidents FY 2013 Budget increases small business access to capital, but proposes to terminate the PRIME Technical Assistance program and reduce business technical assistance programs by eight percent.

Its these business assistance programs the mini-MBAs, the programs that teach business owners to create a viable business model and write a well thought out business plan that ensure the success of 88% of the nations businesses, or the 25.5 million businesses that are very small or micro-businesses with five or fewer employees. According to Association for Enterprise Opportunity, these businesses generate $ 2.4 trillion in receipts and account for 17% of GDP and employ more than 31 million people.

Micro Enterprise Development Organizations provide training and services to a these entrepreneurs: the unemployed, the college graduate unable to find a job, women, minorities, and low income individuals. For these businesses to succeed, they need business management tools and skills, they need business networks and support systems, and they need access to capital.

Increases in the Treasury and SBA loan programs have increased access to capital for the very small businesses. However, access to capital must include business training and credit assistance or there wont be a pipeline of loan ready businesses. The two go hand in hand.

President Obama needs to invest in our country’s job creators- very small, locally owned businesses.

Company Information:

CAMEOs mission is to promote jobs, economic opportunity and community well-being through entrepreneurship training, business coaching and microfinance. CAMEO is Californias statewide Micro Enterprise association made up of over 160 organizations, agencies and individuals dedicated to furthering the fortunes of micro-businesses in California.

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Looking out for a sign of further quantitative easing

Looking out for a sign of further quantitative easing
The Federal Reserve says it does not see the need for further quantitative easing (QE3) at this time, with the Fed's shift to a more hawkish bias due to a string of strong economic data including a growth in jobs. Such positive data suggests that the …
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Fed's Lockhart says bar still high for more easing
"I'm somewhat reticent to consider another round of quantitative easing at this time," Lockhart told a press briefing on the sidelines of a conference sponsored by his bank. "I view it as a policy that would respond more to a fairly dramatic negative …
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Has QE harmed pensions?
The Government should compensate pensioners and savers who have been affected by quantitative easing (QE) and record low interest rates, according to MPs. The Bank of England has come under fierce criticism over its resumption of quantitative easing as …

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Dupont v. Chemical Workers Association: further limits on employee participation programs.: An article from: Industrial Management

Dupont v. Chemical Workers Association: further limits on employee participation programs.: An article from: Industrial Management

This digital document is an article from Industrial Management, published by Institute of Industrial Engineers, Inc. (IIE) on March 1, 1994. The length of the article is 3043 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Digital Locker immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

From the supplier: The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has penned a decision orderi

List Price: $ 5.95

Price: $ 5.95

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Fed to keep rates low till 2014, open to further quantitative easing

Fed to keep rates low till 2014, open to further quantitative easing
It has also more than tripled the size of its balance sheet to around US$ 2.9 trillion through two separate bond purchase programmes, also known as quantitative easing (QE) 1 and 2. Many Fed watchers now expect a QE3 that will likely focus on mortgage …
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More quantitative easing likely after fall in money supply
News of a drying up of credit left City analysts confident that a fresh round of quantitative easing would be announced by the Bank's nine-strong monetary policy committee when it meets next week. Data from the Bank showed that consumers repaid credit …
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Nomura's Alexander Says Quantitative Easing Is 'In the Cards'
“Quantitative easing in this environment is the most effective tool they have. Our expectation is they will get to this at some point in the future.” Fed officials began a two-day meeting in Washington today after voicing differences in recent speeches …
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