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Wisconsinites Could Lose Federal Jobless Benefits

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About 40000 people in the state will lose federal jobless benefits if we go over the fiscal cliff.
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Teachers at Arizona's religious schools could lose unemployment benefits

Teachers at Arizona's religious schools could lose unemployment benefits
Hundreds of teachers at religious schools around the state could soon be at risk of being laid off with no prospect of collecting jobless benefits. On a voice vote Wednesday, the Senate agreed to specifically exempt religious organizations from having …
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backlogged unemployment claims down to about 400 cases
The department has been reviewing about 10% of all unemployment claims manually. That's done because the claimants received overpayments after underreporting their wages – intentionally or unintentionally – or as part of a federally required check to …
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CMass Residents Charged for Stealing 8000 in Unemployment Fraud
The issue of welfare and unemployment benefit fraud is a hot topic in the Bay State currently, as state legislators battle over how closely the system should be monitored. Mass. Attorney General, Martha Coakley said that crimes like these “strain the …
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People collecting jobless benefits could be hardest hit by sequester

Unless Congressional Republicans and the White House reach a deal, automatic federal spending cuts will be triggered on Friday.

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Without a deal, unemployment benefits could be cut by 9.4%

Without a deal, unemployment benefits could be cut by 9.4%
Few details were immediately forthcoming from the U.S. Department of Labor, but in a letter to the U.S. Senate, an agency head said reductions to the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program — which provides benefits to 3.8 million Americans …
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North Carolina Unemployment Cuts Would Have Made Life Harder For One
Jason Saine received unemployment compensation for more than a year before he landed a part-time job as a state legislator in North Carolina. This month, he joined his fellow Republicans in supporting a bill that slashes unemployment insurance in the …
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Legislature to weigh unemployment benefits for domestic violence victims
Advocates of legislation that would provide unemployment benefits in Florida to victims of domestic violence head to Tallahassee on March 4 in support of the bill. The groups include Sisterhood of Survivors and Families in Distress. The bipartisan bill …
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Could the government stimulate consumer demand through advertising?

Question by : Could the government stimulate consumer demand through advertising?
Since the recovery has been so slow due to low consumer demand, could the government launch a massive advertising campaign (perhaps spending as much as both candidates in the last presidential election) to encourage the American people to spend and invest more (and put off savings) until unemployment has dropped? This campaign would appeal to the patriotism of the public and explain that just a modest increase in spending can bring the economy back (which is true).

Could this work, and wouldn’t it be worthwhile to try, considering how much the government has already spent on stimulus? (The last presidential election cost approximately 2.4 billion dollars.)
SDD: The recession was caused by inadequate financial regulations leading to rampant speculation, not household and government debt. Obviously if everybody agreed to spend a little more (by putting off paying the credit cards down) aggregate demand would rise and unemployment would fall. We’re in a paradox of thrift situation.

Best answer:

Answer by Signora Banchiere
It’s very hard to get people to spend when the country is in recession and people are afraid they might lose their jobs.

The cost of advertising is extremely high (although multi media channels would be happyto provide free/lower cost space for stimulus incentives). In the UK we have political broadcasts and TV programmes like Question Time when politicians can put these ideas across.

Personally, I think companies should bear the cost of advertising themselves- and a US company should use a message which encourages US consumers to buy US goods. There was a question on here not so long ago about the Dodge advert which does just that. I’m not encouraging protectionism – but in a recession it’s every man for himself. In the UK we once had a government sponsored campaign to “Buy British”.

@SDD -I think Tothepoi was talking about deferral of savings- spending money already in hand- not taking on debt.

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A loan audit could save your home

We are the sector pioneer in Forensic Loan Audits and saving peoples residences. At no cost we have forced many banks to decrease rate of interest and to give the homeowner much far better payment terms. We have actually also succeeded at creating the banks to lower a loans concept.
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CAS Anti-Piracy Program Deployment Delayed – Implementation Could Take Months According To VPNReviewz

(PRWEB) July 26, 2012

Referred to as the 6 Strikes Rules by many, it has been announced that the newly developed and formed Center for Copyright Informations, (CCI,) copyright Alert System, (CAS,) would become active on July 12th, the first announcement. But later, Cary Sherman, RIAA CEO, announced at a convention that some of the ISPs would be ready to go live on July 1st, with the others joining in soon after, and again the 12th was mentioned. But the 1st has come and gone, as has the 12th, and as far as anyone has been able to determine, the system still hasnt been implemented.

TorrentFreak reports though, that they have some answers to the delay in implementation. According to their report they asked questions of the correct persons and got answers. Originally, the program was announced early last year, with representatives for the entertainment side of the organization saying implementation in about a year. Then the announcements, and when quizzed, a CCI spokesperson said, We do not intend to launch until we are confident that the program is consumer friendly and able to be implemented in a manner consistent with all of the goals of the MOU. We expect our implementation to begin later this year. Their spokesperson also said that dates mentioned in their MOU, (Memorandum of Understanding,) were not solid deadlines, but guidelines intended to keep motivation at a high level, and get the system up and running, as quickly as possible and in the most consumer friendly manner possible,

The Copyright Alert System, (CAS,) is a system of monitoring internet users data transfers for possible illegal content downloading. The system has a 4 warning/education letters, then escalation to mitigating measures can be taken. Mitigating Measures are a list of punitive actions ranging from upload/download throttling, to a temporary suspension of services. According to the CCI website the only people that need to worry are the P2P and Torrent users, but Michael Maxstead, VPNReviewz CEO, said In order for them to effectively eliminate cases of piracy, the ISPs will have to monitor everything, that everyone is doing. He also asserts that even though most of the system is automated, the data that is stored by the ISPs could become available to employees, or hackers.

The delay that was announced without a new implementation date comes close on the heels of the Allen & Co. convention. The invitation only event, dubbed the Summer Camp For Moguls, allowed no reporters, and information about deals made and discussions had at the convention has been thin. And among the Usenet, P2P, and Torrent communities rumors are circulating that the delay coming after the moguls meeting isnt a simple coincidence. Some are discussing the possibility that RIAA and the MPAA could have convinced more ISPs to enlist in the system. VPNReviewz CEO takes the well see attitude about this, but he says, the opportunity was there, and the system is already almost fully developed So far, only 5 of the largest ISPs in the US, AT&T, Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision, and Verizon, has enlisted in the program, with the moguls meeeting deals receiving almost no journalistic media attention.

The so called, Summer Camp For Moguls was attended by the biggest and brightest stars in the entertainment and internet industries. Heads of Google, Apple, Facebook, Viacom, YouTube, and many other high tech, and entertainment moguls. And while there were a lot of tensions among the participants, there were opportunities to bury hatchets, and forge the groundwork for new and innovative methods to obtain the goals that havent been legislatively obtainable up to this point. Cary Sherman has been quoted on many blogs as saying the legislative approach to obtaining their goals was no longer attractive.

Its true, that the delay being caused by the addition of ISPs to the CCI rolls is only speculation at this point. But the speculation that shows the direction that the internet is starting to take. VPNReviewz maintains that the only way to truly guarantee personal anonymity and privacy is to use a personal VPN provider. In this way the underpaid employees and hackers that do manage to gain access to your records will only get a garbled mess of encrypted transmissions instead of your passwords and log in information.

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Jobless claims up in SC, but new jobs could come to Horry County – WPDE

Jobless claims up in SC, but new jobs could come to Horry County
by Lisa Edge HORRY COUNTY, SC (WPDE) – The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce released numbers Friday showing unemployment claims are up. The report says rate increased to 9.4 percent in June from 9.1 percent in May.

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CBS Moneywatch
Paulding's Jobless Claims Down
While the county's rate of initial claims went down, the state's rate increased 4.5 percent. Also increasing was the state's seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate, which inched to 9 percent from 8.9 percent in May. Georgia's jobless rate in June a year
Jobless rates rose in 27 US states in JuneCBS Moneywatch
Hawaii's June jobless rate drops compared to 2011Upstart

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Market Playground
Jobless Claims Rise: Bad News For Retail?
Market Playground
By Michael Tarsala Uh Oh. Jobless claims posted their biggest one-week gain in more than a year. An increase of 34000 from last week brings the new claims reading to 386000, topping even the highest economic projection out there, at 375000,

and more »

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Unemployment Benefits Could Lapse Without Congressional Action

Over 2 million Americans, including thousands in Washington State, will see their unemployment benefits lapse early, unless Congress acts. KXLY4′s McKay Allen reports.
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my husband was laid off after 38 years with a company he was told in a year he could start over he is 60.scare?

Question by mad: my husband was laid off after 38 years with a company he was told in a year he could start over he is 60.scare?
he to young to get retirement to old to start over dose he have rights?he was laid off before some of the ones with less time.

Best answer:

Answer by shy2008
Unfortunately, long timers are being laid off all around the country. I experienced the very same thing after being with a company for 17 years…it sucks. Long timers have too many benefits being paid to them, vacation pay and his rate of pay is much higher then the ones with less time. When a company tries to save money, they are more apt to let someone go that is costing the company more money. They call it a permanent layoff, or that the persons position had been done away with. None of this is fair, but it’s apparently legal. Years ago employers needed a real good reason to let someone go or people would go to the labor board, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I’m sorry for your husband, but this seems to be the way of the world now. Good luck, I’m sure he’ll find something soon. Hope this helps…

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