Should it be legal for private and/or public entities to deny employment/service to an ex felon?

Question by OFDUnit23: Should it be legal for private and/or public entities to deny employment/service to an ex felon?
I spent seven years incarcerated (armed robbery)! Since my poor choices I have received a B.S. Degree, owned my own business, married with two children, pay taxes, and voted. yet I am denied an opportunity to serve my country via military, denied career opportunities (I was told that I was more qualified than my competition) and advancement because of my background, taken advantage of, and stripped of my right to bear arms. I understand that one must PROVE themselves once they are released, but come on! I paid my debt to society many years ago, and yet, I am punished time and time again. why again is the recidivism rate around 95%?
If we, as American citizens (regardless of race, color, creed, and/or background), are granted unalienable fundamental rights by the Constitution of the United States of America then they cannot be stripped (no ifs, ands, or buts)! However, if our rights have somehow evolved into privileges, then how I ask you, can these fundamental rights protect any American citizen? What will be the next justification for our “privileges” to be stripped from the American citizen?
By the way, i robbed drug dealers before they bought more drugs!

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Answer by Sherilynne B
I wouldn’t hire you and I wouldn’t want to see anyone else forced to hire you. I wouldn’t want to see you in the military. Sorry, but it is you who messed up and people aren’t going to trust you.

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5 Responses to “Should it be legal for private and/or public entities to deny employment/service to an ex felon?”

  • wizjp:

    As an employer I factor in all phases of a prospective employee. Critically bad decision making in the past will eliminate a candidate if I have 2 that are pretty much equally qualified. Just common sense. If you are the best qualified, I’ll hire you regardless.

  • raichasays:

    Thank you for posting. Tell your story to everyone you know. Tell it to school children. Tell it to gangbangers. Keep telling it.

    If one person gets it through their head that a felony conviction carries a lifetime sentence and decides not to commit a crime, then you will have paid your debt to society.

  • malter:

    First….and once again…..folk who are convicted and sentenced for a felony and even do time are NOT ex-felons. They are felons there is no ex to it. That is why our society treats felons as described herein by the writer.

    The writer may be an ex-con, that is served time in custody as a convict and now is no longer a convict or is classified as an ex-con.

    Way back when…when your Mom and Dad told you to be a good boy and not break the law you chose poorly and decided to do so….and probably more than once. Our punishment is just as is our continuing exclusion from society. Threats of recidivism are not going to win any points but go to confirm the original determination that felons are folk who are not deserving.

  • Nameless:

    “the recidivism rate around 95%?”

    That’s why.

    Put yourself in the employer’s shoes. Wouldn’t you prefer someone without a criminal background. And wouldn’t you prefer if other ex-cons didn’t have guns available to them?

    It’s not to punish you. It’s a combination of public safety and a free job market. (If they wanted to unfairly punish you- then would they let you own a business and vote?)

  • Tyonka:

    To be honest. I don’t think it should be illegal to deny a person in your position employment etc. I don’t think it should be legal either. I think it should be the discretion of the person reviewing your application etc.

    If it were me, I would base my decision to hire you based on – how long ago it was that you did what you did and if you have got in trouble since then. If it was like over 5 years ago, then I would give you a break. But if it was a fresh record — im sorry but I would deny you because you have not had the time to change. And I could think of 100 other reason’s why I would deny you.

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