OTC Equivalent to Tramadol?

Question by : OTC Equivalent to Tramadol?
Hello world. I am living in California, and unemployed and uninsured. Now, because my younger working life was mainly heavy lifting and moving, I am now suffering from severe chronic lower back pain. I am in fear that this is due to improper lifting and/or moving of heavy objects.

Because I am uninsured and unemployed I cannot afford to go to a doctor and find a solution or remedy. This has forced me to try many type of medications. Now, I do not like things such as Morphine and Methadone, etc, because of their high risk for a dependency and the side effects.

So, I had found, in my explorations of options, a light and non-narcotic (as far as I know) medication that works really well. Only problem is, that it is an prescription only medication. Tramadol 50 MG works great for me if taken every 3.5 – 4 hours or so.

So, does anyone know of an OTC (Over the Counter) equivalent to Tramadol 50MG? I am looking for something that works and acts as close to Tramadol 50MG as possible. I am planning on taking it every 4 hours or so, until I can afford to see a doctor and get his recommendations.

Until then, I cannot deal with the amount of pain I am in some days. So, any help is highly appreciated.

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Answer by *̡͌l̡* evO *̡͌l̡*
I would recommend you to visit a doctor and follow a prescription.Also you shouldn’t take more than 150mg tramadol/day!as far as i know it isn’t any replacement with the same active substance as tramadol.

+1 star for q,it may be useful for other people in pain.

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