Of the people receiving unemployment benefits, how many are actually seeking work?

Question by Dan: Of the people receiving unemployment benefits, how many are actually seeking work?
What percentage of people receiving unemployment benefits do you think are actively looking for work? I’ve always been under the impression that many people won’t bother looking as long as the checks are rolling in, so it irks me a little when the government keeps extending unemployment benefits. What do you think?

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Answer by Ed
for every job opening there are five applying for it.

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11 Responses to “Of the people receiving unemployment benefits, how many are actually seeking work?”

  • Jay:

    Technically, it’s supposed to be 100%, since actively looking for work is a requirement.

    However, it’s not possible to fact check everyone’s filings. Those that do get checked, and are discovered to have falsified, will lose benefits and could potentially face penalties or jail.

    For those that get away with lying, well, lucky them.

  • lovelydays:

    I would think the vast majority want to go to work, far as I know, unemployment doesn’t really provide enough to maintain your lifestyle not to mention lack of insurance and other goodies you don’t get when you’re unemployed.

  • OwlDan:

    Per figures I have read, can’t tell where exactly, 85-90% of those on unemployment are dedicatedly looking for work.

  • Klathorn:

    I agree.

    It is as if this Prez has not real life experience. I know many getting the check. No need to work, free money. Just work some “cash under the table” to make ends meet. One day a week is sweeter than a full work week. Obama scores! Seems like our admin lacks real world experience.

  • Eggzaronius:

    I think there is no way to accurately tell who is and is not looking for work.

    Unemployment checks never give you as much money as a regular paycheck would, so I doubt many people are kicking back and enjoying an extended vacation.

    Most people are aware that unemployment does not last forever; currently there are four job seekers for every job out there, so it isn’t as simple as “Get off the couch and get a job, you lazy bum.” Being unemployed isn’t fun even if you can sit at home all day and watch TV…that’s fun for a few days, maybe, but after awhile, you get bored and depressed.

  • Bad Citizen:

    NONE of them. Also, they are ALL liberals.

    This is a certified undeniable FACT.

    I just heard it on Rush Linbaugh.

  • jesswzmn:

    here is an even more relevant question…of the number of unemployed people, how many have run out of unemployment benefits, or never bothered to apply for unemployment and thus are not officially part of the unemployment statistics?

    Whats fascinating to me is how some people will a) rush to give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires one day and the next day say they want a national sales tax “to help reduce deficits”. or b) claim they hate deficits and want them reduced but are perfectly ok with throwing billions overseas in fruitless wars while clamoring to make life harder on the meekest of the meek or c) I get from your question that you somehow perhaps see unemployed as parasites feeding on your money. But what you and your ilk are missing is why is it there is so much unemployment, its not an isolated or local situation, its a nationwide virus…caused by bad policies by the people running the govt for the last few decades. People are unemployed because there is a sickness in this country called corporatism….corporatism and elitism….thats why things are messed up. You have heard about the record profits while everyone else suffers right?

  • bi-polar-itical:

    a large percentage are likely drawing their unemployment check and working under the table to boot. i know of several people who are doing just that.

  • Jennelle Blair:

    I hear a lot of people say this. Obviously, you haven’t been in this position….at least, yet.
    Even I myself, kind of thought this way, until the dreaded day came when my whole department was herded into a conference room, and laid off. 253 of us, to be exact.

    That night, my father told me to apply for unemployment…however, I figured, ‘I can easily get another job. It’s never been difficult in the past” (but then again, I’ve only had 2 major positions, since I get a job and KEEP IT.
    Anyway, I applied, just to be safe out of worry I’d miss rent, and the very next day, I was online, applying to nearby corporations. ‘No problem!” I thought to myself.
    The same week, after receiving zero call backs, I drove to my nearest Careerlink office and enrolled. They helped me perfect my stale resume, and I even sat in on an interviewing seminar, you know, just to brush up.
    Feeling confident, I continued applying. NOTHING.
    After a while, I began scratching my head in confusion at why I wasn’t getting any responses.
    But I kept at it, remaining on unemployment, which was JUST enough to cover my bills. I was used to being able to pay for everything in one paycheck, and saving most of the next. Now, I was making in one month on unemployment what I made bi-weekly while in my previous positions.

    Well, I began getting call back, going on interviews, but, to my amazement, I was getting those replies that I had only heard of before…’You are overqualified…we hired someone with more experience…you live too far…etc” Boy was I PISSED!

    Well, 1 year and 4 months later, I am in the same boat. It is simply unreal. I even took nursing classes, as provided by Careerlink, over the summer, and obtained a medical certification…yet still, nothing. I am now fighting with the fact I have no field experience in this position I now hold a certificate for, and I’m like, “well how can I gain any experience IF YOU DON’T HIRE ME?!”

    It’s been like a vicious, neverending circle that has spun me into a world full of depression and hopelessness. It is so frustrating out here in unemployment land. I want, need and love to work. I don’t like having to go through this extension drama. I like making good money, and like the feeling of independance and important that you gain from a career.

    However, I cannot walk into an interview yielding a gun, and demand to be hired.

    Sadly, this is what most of us are going through. Never once has it ever gone through my mind to stay on unemployment until it’s all done with. Sitting in this house day after day online looking for work is not where I want to be.

    I kept close contact with some of those I was laid off with and we would text each other daily about job hunts, places hiring and wishing each other luck. So I know it is not just me who is actually actively looking for work.

    So here it is, Christmas time, and I have been crying since Thanksgiving…crying because I put forth exhuberant amounts of effort to find work, unemployment ran out on me, and I have to make the choice whether to buy groceries, or give my 8 yr old a decent x-mas. It really sickens me when I hear people say they are peeved about these extensions. But keep in mind, when you try so hard, and keep getting rejected, what are you supposed to do?

    From now I am beginning to see that the unemployment issue may not be entirely a government issue…it’s the employers who have bad tastes in their mouths from past fuck up workers and get extremely picky, too scared to hire any entry-level people…but then again, Walmart won’t even hire me.

    Walk a mile in someone’s shoes before judging. When you and your family are having a wonderful Christmas morning, think of all the people who are making an employment search a daily job of it’s own, and are hurting that day simply because nobody will offer them any positions. It feels like being kicked in the gut for something you didn’t even do wrong.

  • meg:

    In order to receive unemployment benefits you must show you are applying for work and can not refused any reasonable offers. There are 5 time as many people looking for work as there are job opining and many of the people who are looking for a job and not finding one are not eligible to get benefits. Nearly 15 million Americans are out of work, another 9 million are under-employed and less than 10 million are getting benefits. Given these numbers it should be obvious that even if someone is not trying as hard as they could (perhaps a second earner in a family) it would not matter overall because if they got a job it would mean that someone else who wanted a job did not, and that person might need a job more ( someone just out of school with no benefits or someone who is a single mother whose benefits are not enough to support her family)

  • T:

    I look EVERYDAY! Exhausting? Hell yeah, but, I can’t just give up and I won’t! Hard to believe Dumbama have all of those damn ears on the side of his head, but, can’t hear a damn thing! There are NOT going to be any jobs created! PLEASE! Still trying to play people for fools! People are fustrated out here! These assholes in Washington would not even give us three, THREE damn months of unemployment, but, the rich get two years of extensions! This man need to be voted out in 2012!

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