‘Obama second term in hands of 30 mln unemployed’

With around 20 per cent real unemployment, it’s US joblessness that could prove the stumbling block for Obama’s second term — not foreign policy issues, says Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup, America’s leading company conducting opinion polls worldwide. RT on Twitter: RT on Facebook:
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16 Responses to “‘Obama second term in hands of 30 mln unemployed’”

  • aliciabanks:

    hobama is a liar!
    he lies and so do his bogus job stats!!!­7/happy-2012/­1/hobama-is-no-wimp%E2%80%A6bu­t-he-is-a-wicked-elitist-clone­-of-his-cousins-george-bush–d­ick-cheney/­9/hobama-drama—the-poor-are-­getting-poorer-and-the-middle-­class-is-being-eradicated/

  • Mosley2:

    Shut up you idiot. YOU are the fantasist by thinking the U.S can make friends and stop terrorist by being terrorists and bombing other countries.

  • BorderlineOffensive:

    Ron Pauliacs live in a fanstasy world, but lets not be presumptuous now

  • dichroic101:

    I agree, that’s kind of what I was saying. By taking our power back from the globalist corp… i.e. like GE, Nike, (I heard Harley Davidson is moving their operation to India *sickens me*). If they want US to buy their stuff, then they need to supply jobs & operate from here. Support our economy by supplying jobs and we’ll support them by buying their stuff. Fact is they’re pigs about their paychecks/investors and care less about the people that got them where they are today.



  • FreedomsPatriot:

    If Obama gets re-elected…. WE ALL WILL BE EATING DOG!

  • RonPaulican2012:

    “US joblessness that could prove the stumbling block for Obama’s second term!”

    Its more than that!

  • llothar68:

    They should, because nobody in the USA has a clue how much they will suffer if the US dollar is not anymore the reserve currency and they have to trade goods to get money to pay for Oil sold in Euro or Yen or Rubel. This would be a new kind of Holocaust, thats why they keep their military budget so high.

  • llothar68:

    Not really true, it’s not china, it’s large corporations who have taken away the jobs. A company size of Wallmart could enforce chinese minimum wages ($400 + free housing + free health care = $1200 US value) on workers and chinese environmental laws on congress. Big Corporations are the evil, even Adam Smith knew this. So there need to be a maximum corp size, in number of employees and revenues. And then punish cartel building (even seen as total evil by Smith) as sever as drug dealers.

  • callouschristian:

    The next election will be decided by election riggers. Not 30 mln unemployed. I say Occupy The Elections since no one’s vote means anything.

  • swi1979:

    good interview shared with all


    Unfortunately, many of the unemployed are uneducated, non political, and gullible people. If Obama said, I promise to get you a job, they’d vote for him. Even though he PROMISED in 2008 that if he hadn’t turned the economy around within his first 3 years of office, he would NOT seek a second term.

    They keep scooping the bullshit and you keep opening your mouth for the spoon!

  • perryod:

    Excellent interview; really good interviewer and the guy gave good answers. Makes me want to see more from RT

  • mmalurt:

    Maybe Gallop should gather these “the best” pollsters in the world, and make a fact-check poll on Mitt (FlipFlop) Romney and Ron (Steadfast) Paul.. Who is the REAL forerunner of the Republican Party!

  • Łukasz Kowalski:

    Ważne!! Tak będzie wyglądał koniec świata!! Chiny i Rosja wywołają wojnę, zdominują UE, Benedykt XVI to ostatni prawdziwy papież, będzie musiał ustąpić, na jego miejscu zasiądzie fałszywy prorok, na niebie ukaże się znak Krzyża, wszyscy ludzie poznają swoje grzechy, ludziom będą wczepiane chipy, umożliwiające dostęp do pieniędzy, to będzie znak bestii z Apokalipsy, mamy się tego wystrzegać, szukaj orędzia “Ostrzeżenie” na czasy ostateczne

  • CmdrSoCal:

    If you are not going to blame luciferian Indonesian sotoro for the bad economy I guess you have to blame his bosses and his mommy at rockefeller. Clifton is either crooked or ignorant.

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