Jobless benefits expire for some July 1

Krista Kennedy is one of thousands of people left wondering how they’ll survive after Congress voted down a measure that would have extended unemployment benefits.

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9 Responses to “Jobless benefits expire for some July 1”

  • Savafan313:

    Stop paying the banks!!!!!!! Period…What happened to the seven hundred billion?

  • Savafan313:

    @Savafan313 …This was taken off of my comments section? Why?

  • Savafan313:

    You can always relocate. Sad thing is, Michigan will become a ghost town…

  • Savafan313:

    You didn’t fail, Your government did…

  • Dogfish1960:

    I was “offered” a early retirement in July. However, I’m too young to get a pension check. Therefore, I get nothing! People that took the same deal in September got help with COBRA and unemployment benefits, that keeps getting extended. I feel that I got used! I have had to used my savings to live ….. It was either take the package or get lost …. I guess I got lost anyway ! People taking extended benefits are not even looking for jobs; screw you ! Enjoy your fishing trips !

  • saladitotube:

    @N2thedrink you will change you mind when this shit hits your neighborhood..till that day, feel free to keep judging.

  • ART1975CZ:

    @N2thedrink Excellent Point ! I am 34, In Medical ( After being a Chef for 14 years ). Medical L.P.N / R.N College ~ Work is going well. I drive a 2005 Hyd Elentra. I payed off ALL my credit cards. I am saving for a very small home. I dress formal, but live a little under my means. I Save, Save, Save. I am in Georgia. Just sharing…Thanks

  • N2thedrink:

    I have to ask myself (and so should you), have they taken more out of you for unemployment than you have received?
    Maybe we should do away with the current system in favor of an individual savings plan? I’D BE BETTER OFF.
    While we’re at it….why don’t we apply that to SS and every other damn entitlement program? YOU work, YOU get the reward instead of YOU work, someone ELSE gets the reward.

  • N2thedrink:

    To be fair maybe you(and others) should have thought of this a few years ago. You don’t buy a $200k when you only make $3k a month, you don’t buy a Ford Excusion w/ 4 wheel drive when you live in the city and use it to shuttle your kids to soccer and finally you don’t charge $30k on your credit card because you want a plasma tv and new furniture. ALL OF WHICH PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DOING INSTEAD OF SAVING.

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