Is it legal for me to back out a job after signing the job offer letter?

Question by Emmanuel P: Is it legal for me to back out a job after signing the job offer letter?
I signed an offer letter for a position at a new company. My current company wanted me to stay and offered to match the amount. Is it legal for me to back out of the deal with the new company after signing the job offer letter?
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I dont know but heres what you can do fast to get fired. Dont show up for work, or show up 3 hours later wearing jeans, tee shirt. Eat breakfast at your desk when your at work, drink coffee, walk out of the job for a break, when you want to, if your in a meeting walk right out without saying nothing, and dont show up to work the rest of day.
Talk constantly on the phone to everyone, have people call you nonstop. Bring a dvd player with you watch a movie at work, and play it loud. Listen to music on the job loud.

Flirt with your boss, or co workers. Bring your girlfriend to work and start making out in public. I guarantee you they will fire you lol,

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6 Responses to “Is it legal for me to back out a job after signing the job offer letter?”

  • Squat1:

    Sure, but exactly what did the letter say. Is there a penalty clause of you back out? If not go, buy read your letter carefully.

  • Orbach:

    The person above is hilarious, lol. He has the solution to getting fire.

  • alecs:

    I see no problem with it. You can send a letter to the new company and inform them that you are backing out of the employment offer from their company. Basically, it is not a matter of legality, because I never heard a company sue an applicant who back out to their offer of employment, it is more of ethics. Anyway, the descision is yours whether to stay in your present job or goto the new one. Suggestion, ask yourself what made you decide to leave your current job in the first place.

  • Hijacked:

    of course you can an offer letter is just that,an offer even if you sign it you can back out unless it is a contract. most states are at will employment states meaning either you or the employer can back out for any reason unless it is illegal. i.e “i fire him because he was gay” just make sur it wasn’t a contract!

  • meme:

    no, absolutely not. now, if it was the other way around…such as you signed the offer letter and left the other firm to work at the new firm…then you have the right b/c the new firm garnished your wage. but no, from your comment you seem more comfortable with the present firm.

  • redvelvetflames4ever:

    You will not be the first nor the last person who has signed an acceptance letter and later reject the job offer. Over the course of my career in HR this has happened. Not frequently, but it happens. At most we inquire why you have decided not to join the organization and if we really liked the candidate we would make a counter offer. As another posted, unless you signed some type of employment contract you can reject the offer and merely advise them you have decided to stay at your present place of employment.

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