In CA, do you need to file for a second “Unemployment Extension” or is it automatic like the first extension?

Question by Brad W: In CA, do you need to file for a second “Unemployment Extension” or is it automatic like the first extension?
Has anyone had to go through this before that lives in California. I have already gone through one extension of unemployment benefits, and it is now ending and you I wish to extend it for the second tire? For me, the first extension was automatic, when my first 6 months ended, they automatically sent me a form to extend the benefits when I received my last check. I am wondering if this will be the case again or if I need to “FILE for an Extension”? It is not clear on the website, it’s very vague. If I need to file again, it’s the same form located on the EDD website that you used when you first filed for unemployment? I am worried about doing the wrong thing and losing my benefits.

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Answer by Noreen
Looks to me that Cali will notify you by mail with papers to fill out again, or you will receive an automatic extension. I don’t remember a time when UI benefits were extended this long.

You can always call. But not on Fridays :)

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One Response to “In CA, do you need to file for a second “Unemployment Extension” or is it automatic like the first extension?”

  • Kandis74:

    I’m also from Ca. I did not have to do anything except for the very first filing. All the extensions after that have been automatic. After each round of extensions the Edd usually sent me a paper saying something like “you are qualified for an extension.” The website is not very helpful and usually you can’t get a hold of anyone. Whenever I have a question I would e-mail them.(It’s on the website, as well.) I wouldn’t refile unless they specifically tell you to because that might slow the “process” down. I hope everything works out for you.

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