If I turn down a job offer, can I still continue collecting unemployment?

Question by eternalclutz: If I turn down a job offer, can I still continue collecting unemployment?
I have been on unemployment for a few months now. I was offered a job yesterday, but the hours don’t really fit my schedule (two eleven hour days, two six hour days). If I have to, I can find a way to make it work, but I would rather not. If I turn down the job, can I continue collecting unemployment? By the way, this is in Washington State.

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5 Responses to “If I turn down a job offer, can I still continue collecting unemployment?”

  • puanani:

    If you have good reasons for turning down jobs, which you have, your benefits will continue. Good luck

  • Squat1:

    Depends, they could discontinue it based on your refusal suitable employment or they could continue it based on the schedule.

  • mraandmisse:

    if unemployment didnt send you and you didnt list it on your job search they will not know you turned it down.

  • DanceCat Squiggy:

    In PA they would discontinue your benefits as soon as they found out you denied Any job offer. Over here, work is work whether it suits you or not. Basically we’re made to take anything because “beggars can’t be choosy” Additionally, I’m told that the state of PA is doing so terrible financially that most people are being denied to begin with. Also, they look for jobs for you and you aren’t allowed to turn down.

  • hr4me:

    Yes, you can. Just do not list that company as one that you interviewed with in your weekly job search report. (If your state requires you to fill one out every week)

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