I am 35, friendless, jobless and broke, but I want to find a new friend, What should I do?

I don’t want to go to bars, I don’t have kids, I’ve looked on line, but never had any responses. I find myself friendless because I get so involved in work I lose touch with my friends. Now that I’m not working I would like to find a friend so I’m not driving my husband crazy following him around like a puppy when he gets home from work.

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4 Responses to “I am 35, friendless, jobless and broke, but I want to find a new friend, What should I do?”

  • Jasmine T:

    find a friend at your job

  • hardcoded74:

    Take a cooking class or something. If you have an Ag center they usually offer free or cheap classes in a number of interesting things. You have to go out to make friends. If you take up a social hobby you will make friends I am certain of that.

    Another really cool way to make good friends is to volunteer at different places. I used to volunteer for a place called CITE that helped the blind by taking them on various field trips. We even went bowling one time and it was so much fun. If you do that you will also feel good about yourself while making friends.

  • Leyka**:

    helloo… she’s jobless..

    y dont you try doing some volunteer work in your community? Theres always someplace that migght need some assistance like a homeless shelter,nursing home, soup kithcen or even at an amimal shelter.
    o also have you also thought about going to church? there are plenty of nice people you can meet there and churches usually have some social activities that you could attent. how about you go to a park and meet someone doing something intersting, or how about you register for some type of class, or a workshop or something like that where your in a group setting where everyone shares a common interest, maybe you dont have the confidence to approach people you dont know there is a lot of literature out there that could give great tips and useful advice about improving communication skills and self confidence..

  • hzlcruz:

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