How to file for an extension for unemployment?

Question by Michelle P: How to file for an extension for unemployment?
I’m filing out my unemployment extension, and he has been unemployed for 7 months. They sent him a letter saying he was eligible for an extension and they sent him a check but now he received a letter telling him he had to apply again.

The application says to include employment during the last 18 months but he’s been unemployed and receiving benefits for 7 months.

So do I disregard those 7 months and include only the last 18 months from the day he got laid off?

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Answer by CDM1955
Once you have collected all benefits payable on your regular UI claim, you may be eligible to file the first extension claim. If you are eligible to file the first extension, the Department will automatically file the first extension and send you additional continued claim forms. No action is required on your part.

If you already have an extended benefit claim, refer to the “WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR THE SECOND EXTENSION” section below for more information.

If you are eligible for the first extension:

Your weekly benefit amount will be the same as your regular claim;

If he has to include benefits for 18 months; but he has been off for 7 months. Go back (11) months and tell them for 7 months he was receiving benefits. That will fulfill 18 months. Please visit the below link for more answers to this question.

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3 Responses to “How to file for an extension for unemployment?”

  • Lady D:

    MIchelle, if you leave a question unanswered your application will be rejected. Take into account that the Unemplyment Commission already knows your work history and the salaries for each position held. That is how they calculate the payment you have been receiving.

    Answer every question on the form if this is your only option to filing for an extension, make a copy for your records and mail it ASAP.

    Are you able to file online in your respective state? If so, this is a much faster option for you. There may not be a waiting period. When you apply for benefits online there is a phone number available for you to call. I would recommend that you call the available numbers on their website to inquire if you may reapply by phone, and a worker should be able to assist you in your efforts, and update your account immediately. However, applying for your weekly benefits online will also process faster.

    Good luck in your work search.

  • Anna K. P:

    It depends on your current situation, job status, qualification.. I heard that it differs slightly per eash state. I hink the best way is to call the unemployment office as soon as possible and find out exactly what the specific would be… this way you would get a clear answer.

  • Elsa w:

    I just recieved a denile letter telling I do not qualify for a extension on my unemployement insurance. The letter refers to “Emergency Unemployment Compensation” is that the same as the Federal extension. The reason they deninded is ” you do not earnings in excess of 40 times your weekly benefit amount or 1.5 times the highes quater in the base period of your regular claim.

    I have search edds site and see nothing a qualification for the exptension except that your regular claim has run out. Is that a valid reason for deninal? Do I have any options?

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