How long does it take unemployment to resolve issues?

I have been filing weekly unemployment claims now for 4 weeks and the website keeps saying there was no payment due to unresolved issue… Does this mean I won’t be getting unemployment? Under disqualifications it says none so what is going on here?

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3 Responses to “How long does it take unemployment to resolve issues?”

  • Age of Reason:

    Means your former employer is contesting your right to unemployment.

  • butsy:

    whats up,im afraid ur just going 2 have 2be patient. some of my mates have being waiting for weeks 2 get sorted,1 of them was waiting for 13 weeks. ya should get sorted but unfortunately its going to take some time:(

  • ®:

    You should call your local unemployment office for assistance. Visitng them directly will get things resolve even faster. When I filed for unemployment, my state (NJ) sent me bunch of letters. First, they advise me to file for unemployment every week. Second, there was a phone interview scheduled in 3 weeks. After the phone interview, all my unemployment checks came in the mail. Then I had to go to a re-employment orientation the following month.

    Anyway, my dad attempted to claim unemployment over the phone and no checks came. So he went to the office directly and within 2 days, he got the check.

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