How long can a man be unemployed before his wife looses respect for him and divorces him?

Question by Non-Redneck: How long can a man be unemployed before his wife looses respect for him and divorces him?
Since women don’t respect a man who can’t support them, what is the average time that a man can be unemployed before his wife looses respect for him and decides to divorce him?

In my experience it was immediately after the man lost his job. But I assume all women won’t divorce that quickly.
I’m not refering to myself. I’m thinking about a case where a former neighbor lost his job and his wife divorced him immediately. Didn’t even give the guy a chance to find a job.

He ended up commiting suicide because of the divorce.
He had a stable job at a major corporation and got laid off when the tech sector crashed back in 2001 or so.

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Answer by thomas
I was laid-off twice in 2008, the last time in early October. I have been trying to find a job everyday since. One week ago my gf broke up with me because she said, “I can’t take it anymore, I go to work everyday, and you do nothing”. Kinda funny that about 4 hours after she broke up with me, I was offered a decent job. And no, there will not be a reunion. If you’ll kick me when I’m down, I don’t need you when it’s good.

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14 Responses to “How long can a man be unemployed before his wife looses respect for him and divorces him?”

  • sallyjcat:

    I have more respect for a man that can spell and use proper grammar than a man with or without a job.

  • never again united:

    if he doesnt go looking for a job within about 24 hrs of being laid off or losing his job is about right. society has no idea the burden men face not only at work but at home also. if the man is working but not making enough they are mad and if he doesnt work at all he is screwed lol but it is what it is. it is our job to be the provider and when we cant it makes them dettached from us.

  • PrincessPink:

    A month, tops.

  • Papa Bear:

    Depends how often her female friends are making remarks about her supporting a deadbeat.

  • Sandi C:

    I think it depends on the strength of the woman. Honestly, a wife shouldn’t divorce her husband because he lost his job. Obviously she did not take her vows seriously.

  • Freemason AF & AM:

    Just depends on how strong the relationship is with your wife. If your wife loves you, then she should support you through thick and thin.

    Best of luck to you.

  • Dave A:

    About 1/10th the amount of time they would allow themselves to be unemployed.

  • Me:

    Depends on the relationship…. but if you’re honestly trying and not just being a sorry husband, then I think she will/should support you.

  • Jade M:

    I strongly disagree with your statement. I am on my second marriage-neither of my husbands supported me. I am perfectly capable of supporting myself and my children, which I did without any help for six years before I remarried.

    A marriage is supposed to be a partnership. Personally, I would not divorce a man just because he was unemployed. During my first marriage, I supported our family many times while my husband was not able to work. Yes, we divorced but not because he wasn’t employed. We had more serious issues.

    I’m not saying I would sit back and do it all if my husband was purposely loafing around and doing nothing. If his unemployment was due to a job loss; I’d be supportive and try to help him find a job.

  • Jenni N:

    If the guy is sitting on his back side not even trying to help the household, fair enough! Get rid of the guy really quick! All women don’t “just loose respect” for their partner for not having a job. It really depends on what type of morals etc, she has been brought up with, and if he is genuine about looking for a job.

  • Lioness:

    A lot depends on both people and upon the strength of the marriage. If a woman refuses to work herself and she expects 100% of the income to come from him, then she may leave him if she won’t get off her butt and find a job herself to help out the household.

    My husband and I were both gainfully employed. Within one year of the wedding, he lost his job. It took him about 5 months to find another job. It was tight and stressful, but I told him he would find something good and we would be OK. I never lost hope and I never left his side. We just had to tighten our belts and stay hopeful. Am I a saint. Absolutely not. It was part of my promise to him when we got married.

  • dawnUSA:

    It all depends, doesn’t it or rather shouldn’t it, if the man is trying to find another one? And was the loss of employment once or several times, and being his fault? A lot depends and for me, it was 10 years of fearing him walk in the door saying those awful words, “I got fired today for fighting.” I can’t remember how many jobs he went through, but finally, I had no respect for him and the love just seem to evaporate. We have children together, and after 25 more years, the kids tell me he is still the same way; a new job every few months. Always wonder how he gets hired with such a terrible work record? He’s a plumber, so maybe there’s a shortage? Anyway, I don’t hold any ill will toward him but always wished he would have grown up.

  • LAgirl:

    My BF didn’t bother looking for a job for 2 years. We lived together and I paid for all of the food. At times, I paid for everything and he would cook and clean. I left him not because he was unemployed, but because he was always depressed and angry every day about how he lost his job. I tried everything to cheer him up…and kick him in the *ss and tell him he can’t afford the luxury of moping around. Eventually, his ATTITUDE drove me away and I had to leave him. We were never married but I loved him and really believed in him. I still love him.

    For any woman to leave a man who lost his job is really messed up. But some men are really lazy and arrogant. “I think the woman should support the man”, my ex had said once.

    A woman truly in love will put up with just about anything. It could be that your neighbor’s husband lost his 20th job or something. You assume correctly, all women will not divorce that quickly.

  • Peter_F:

    Just because the husband lost his job that his wife divorced him? This sounds most terrible. Where is the love and commitments? Do you think wives stay with their husbands just for the salaries they earn? I sure hope not.

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