How does one qualify to receive the FED-ED unemployment insurance extension in California?

Question by Scott: How does one qualify to receive the FED-ED unemployment insurance extension in California?
I have run out of my original unemployment insurance benefits as well as the first and second federal extensions. According to the California website there is also the FED-ED extension. They state the following under “What is the FED-ED extension?” at this webpage.

“Once you have collected all benefits on your first and second federal extensions, you may be eligible to file for FED-ED benefits. If you are eligible to file a FED-ED extension, the Department will automatically file it and send you additional continued claim forms. No action is required on your part as long as you have been continuously collecting benefits.”

I have not received this FED-ED extension, and have submitted my email message to them about it from the contact us issue drop down list and described my situation. How long does it take them to respond. I tried to talk to someone on the phone multiple times but the voice menu system states they are already overloaded and they cannot get to your call, it says, “Goodbye.” and hangs up on you. You don’t even have the option to sit on the phone waiting for them to get to your call!

I am sure millions of other people have also run out of extensions. Can someone explain why this is happening to people? I will lose my apartment as I am sure others will too. What are we supposed to do? When will this change? Are we going to be rescued or not?

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Answer by kitty
If you can, go to the unemployment office in person. If not, contact the Dept of Labor and see if they can at least answer the question for you. Not brushing you off, just suggesting what I myself would do. Good luck. I hope you don’t lose your apt.

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One Response to “How does one qualify to receive the FED-ED unemployment insurance extension in California?”

  • CarolO:

    The extensions in CA are automatically filed for by the state. You did nothing to get your first two Federal extensions and will need to do nothing to get your Tiers III and IV. You quoted the paragraph that states that information quite clearly. If, in truth, there is a problem with your receiving benefits, it’s something other than just getting the extension and you will need to speak with someone on the phone. I’ve never heard of anyone actually getting an email response. Following is a link to an answer I gave a few months ago on how to get through to the EDD. It’s not pretty, but it’s doable. You’re unemployed, not receiving your benefits, you have to make time to get through:;_ylt=AibI5UJKba28aagkZbpr2D7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100313094342AA4ej5H

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