How do you file for a “first time extension” of Unemployment Benefits in California?

Question by Brad W: How do you file for a “first time extension” of Unemployment Benefits in California?
Hi there,

My benefits are due to run out this week. I am still looking for a job and would like to extend my unemployment benefits but can’t find a straight answer on how to do this on the website and it’s impossible to reach anyone on the phone.

A. For a first time extension, does EDD automatically extend my benefits? Do they send me something in the mail without any action from me? If so, when should I expect to receive these documents and what kind of forms will I need to file?

B. If I need to reapply online and EDD won’t be sending me anything, where do I do this? Is it the same online application you submit for first timers?

C. How long does it take to get my benefits reenacted where checks are being sent to my house?

Thanks in advance for your insight!


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Answer by Johnny D
I just went through this not to long ago. The extension should be automatic, although I would still call and make sure. You can go to your unemployment office and use the phones there. They should have a direct line to EDD and not get those automated hang ups when it is really busy. (You may have to keep trying but you will get through.) Here is a link to find a One-Stop Career Center that may have the resources you need to do this.

Hope this helps and best wishes on the job hunt,


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