How do the Republicans plan on extending jobless benefits?

Question by ramper: How do the Republicans plan on extending jobless benefits?
I read in the newspaper that Republicans are willing to extend unemployment but they don’t want to add to the nation’s debt. How else are they going to extend the jobless benefits? They say they can provide this help by cutting stimulus spending. There is no way they can do that because we need stimulus spending due to the economy. My source for this question is the St. Louis Post Dispatch on page C7 in an article entitled “Benefits clock is ticking for 2 million jobless”. It is in Friday’s paper dated November 19, 2010.

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remains to be “scene”

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6 Responses to “How do the Republicans plan on extending jobless benefits?”

  • bi-polar-itical:

    99 weeks is more than enough. get a job.

  • How would I know:

    The stimulus spending has done absolutely nothing to improve the economy, how could using it to fund unemployment coverage be any worse. And besides, isn’t it Democrat policy.. as dictated by Nancy Pelosi, that unemployment and welfare are more important to economic recovery than creating jobs?

    This is the ONLY way it should be done, take it from the waste spending funds.

  • Bob:

    They don’t intend to extend benefits and will be very sorry for it after we have dismal Xmas sales season. A lot of bankruptcies are coming in 1Q11. Even more n 2Q11. There are 5 applicants for every 1 job. I have clients who used to make $ 100k+ a year who can’t get hired at Walmart or McDonalds so the losers who say “get a job” are minimum wage for life types who don’t even pay taxes in the first place. Oh maybe you have money withheld but then you get a complete refund on April 15 plus extra tax credits. You know it is true.

  • Reason Enforcer:

    They can divert unspent stimulus funds to unemployment. They can do that because the stimulus is not in fact working for the economy. I know this because unemployment is almost 10% and we were promised if it passed it wouldn’t exceed 8. Also, the President said there is no such thing as a shovel ready job.

    With that being said I don’t think they should. Not even France has two years of unemployment benefits. But it doesn’t matter because the Democrats still control the entirety of the Federal Government.

  • gatorw:

    They shouldn’t extend them anyways. People who have been on unemployment that long need to get off their behinds and get a job, even if it is a job they do not like.

  • fishn:

    There just staling in order to force people to go to work for minimum wage but that won’t pay the mortgage. Here comes another republican title wave of foreclosure, bankruptcy and bank failures.

    There after Obama at any cost it’s there number one priority to make him a one term President.

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