How do I regain confidence after being laid off?

Question by Dust Bunnies: How do I regain confidence after being laid off?
I was recently laid off from a job that I was at for only two months. I thought I was doing a great job, but I guess I was the low man on the totem pole. After multiple internships and almost a year of job searching, I was very happy with this job. I was shocked when they let me go. How can I regain confidence in the work world to get another job?

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Answer by ioerr
I’ve probably had a couple hundred jobs. Don’t get attached to the place you work at. Always assume they’ll cut you loose at any time and don’t let them hold the threat of that over you. Always be ready to walk out, and don’t look back. They don’t care a bit about you and you don’t owe them anything. Get another job and forget them.

If money’s tight sign up at every temp agency you can find. I took unemployment insurance a few times, if you want to sign up for public assistance beyond that go for it.

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