How do I claim child support from an unemployed illegal immigrant?

My husband whom I’m separated from is an unemployed illegal immigrant living with another woman. How do i claim child maintenance from him?

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15 Responses to “How do I claim child support from an unemployed illegal immigrant?”

  • 'Taker:

    You can’t.
    You had the bad luck to hook up with a criminal. No way he’ll pony up any money.
    How can they make him? If it comes down to it, he’ll just go back to whatever 3rd world crap hole spawned him. They change IDs the way we change pants.
    Sorry for your plight. Next time you’ll know better, right?

  • Well Duh!:

    You don’t. He don’t exist. Drop a dime and get him deported. You’ll be doing me a favor.

  • Star:

    You can’t that is one of the many joys of being illegal in america. No laws for illegals. the only thing you can do is repeatedly report him to ICE and immigration services till he is deported.

  • Yo it's Me:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Democrats have been telling us that illegal immigrants are here to work (at jobs that no America wants), and that they are all responsible, wonderful people. From that,I always assumed that there are no unemployed immigrants and that they are all family oreinted, wow, learned something new today.

  • Donald:

    There is an old saying, “You can’t get blood out of a rock.” He ain’t here working. Call the INS.
    Send his butt back to Mexico….or wherever. And for what it’s worth (just for harassment) send a letter down there to the authorities in whatever town telling them your plight. It won’t do no good, but you never can tell. Tell his Mom and Daddy too, what their big man of a son is doing to their grandkids. Tell all his brothers and sisters too. Tell everyone you know. And if you find out he is still here and working tell his boss. Tell God, he didn’t like kids being messed with when he was here. Remember the bit about a millstone going around the neck of someone who offends a little child? I don’t know if this will do you any good, maybe not…again you never know.

  • MR. U:

    you can’t. it really doesn’t matter if he is here legally or illegally. period. he is unemployed.

  • Kittysue:

    If he’s unemployed, he has no income, therefore you cannot get child support from him

  • றaறour ø♥ø:

    Your husband does not exist in the US hence he is illegal and surely you do not think that if you took an Attorney that he would show up for Court ?
    So you do not claim child support.

  • Annie G:

    Quite simply, you can’t. Which makes me ask the question, why on God’s green earth would you marry an illegal alien in the first place, much less have a child with him? You’re on your own, my dear.

  • jeff d:

    you can’t

  • terresa:

    Jeez consequences sux. You helped harbor an illegal alien and even had a child with him. And now you expect him to do the Honorable thing? Next time try thinking thru your decisions very carefully before making them. Sorry for you.

  • MonaLISAme:

    You can’t collect it from an illegal person. It goes by SSN but since he is illegal then he’s probably using someone else’s number anyway.

    Your best bet would be to write him off forever once you get him deported. You don’t want such a person to return to be with your child. There are other guys in this world who would treat you and your child much better than what you have already described. It’s better to send him on his way back to his home location and out of your child’s life for good as compared to the visitor who lives with someone else anyway.

    You don’t owe him anything remember since he is illegal anyway you can deport him and then divorce him on grounds of abandonment in which he will get none of your assets.
    No claim to your assets, no parental right to your child unless he fights it from his country which I doubt he would do since it’s horrible expensive and probably wouldn’t get very far…

    You hold the upperhand on this so why not take the opportunity you have?
    I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    You have nothing to lose at this point.

  • Miss Daisy:

    Why should he pay,he’s illegal he doesn’t have to go by our laws here.You should have thought about that before you slept with him.Now we all have to pay for yours and his mistakes.Its the baby I feel sorry for

  • bonolarryedge:

    just had a baby by an illegal and he doesnt want to marry me or live with me,but he does give me 50 dollars a week

  • jessica:

    i had a baby by an illegal and i get support

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