How can you be unemployed for five years?

A guy called in to CSPAN this morning talking about unemployment in Detroit,,, he said he has been unemployed for five years from construction. I want to know how he gets his money.

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14 Responses to “How can you be unemployed for five years?”

  • Fed Up:

    Probably sells drugs, something on the black market. It happens in every recession, more crime.

  • Wounded Duck:

    Try it. Many have been off longer. You do what you NEED to do to survive.

  • Dem Spin:

    Like most other Conservative Republican construction workers I know, They sell drugs and get welfare.

  • g:

    I would assume his wife has a job?

    that’s the only thing I could think of?

  • Think Outside the Ballot Box:

    Well, career criminality and drug dealing are both hard work
    so if he’s actually been out of work for five years then there is only one logical source of money:

  • Jade:

    I think if you are unemployed for over a year you have to start calling it something else. I mean honestly, move or get a job as a waiter or what freaking ever. I think that is just laziness.

  • Rob71:

    The short answer is you can’t. If you can’t find a job in your ccommunity you may need to move to find work. Some people would rather just take a hand-out until a job falls in their lap.

  • Jessica b:

    Maybe hes complying and trying and doing all the right things to keep it? You have to be activly looking and report. My husbands been on for a year thank God because there are no jobs here. He should count hisself lucky and be going to school and finding something but really here theres barely anything to find.

  • gws35:

    He’s been working in sales at a shoe store at the mall.

    And his wife is named Peggy.

  • Nicholas J:

    Yea that is ridiculous. That caller is a dumbass.

  • M. Rajendran:

    Now I am unemployed for three years…but have also as retired person!

  • ruth:

    Wow, most of the construction workers I’ve known follow the construction–they don’t sit in one place, they go where there is building. Or, in a market like this, they retrain. So, don’t ask me how that occurs.

  • D.G.:

    Section 8
    Minority Benefits

    If Liberals are going to let you live without working, then why work???

  • Get Real D.G.:

    You try living off those benefits. It’s not possible. Benefits help people get back into work.

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