Himba tribe: Unwanted Marriage – Tribal Wives – BBC

Yvonne Power travels to Namibia to join the Himba tribe and witnesses some distressing scenes as a young girl fights her family to be free of a promised marriage. Interesting short video from BBC show Tribal Wives. Contains brief moments of nudity. Part of a series. Six women give up their everyday lives and spend a month living with some of the world’s most remote tribes, immersing themselves fully into their new culture. Each woman must work, eat and sleep exactly as the other tribal women.

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25 Responses to “Himba tribe: Unwanted Marriage – Tribal Wives – BBC”

  • jarobichaud:

    I would suggest to read Margaret Mead’s anthropological work on les “Trop-brilllandaits”. Bonne Lecture

  • jarobichaud:

    @mihaelaishtar Totally agree. Cultural differences aside, any act of “forcing” any human being to do something without their full consent is barbaric: if they are forced, they might become individuals scared, frustrated and unfullfiled until they (if they do) free themselves from unwanted energetic induction.

  • motorola99:

    This happens in a lot of places in the world.

  • mihaelaishtar:

    @emaresea Let me tell how it is different. They are not going to get raped almost every day by man, they are not going to become the property of a man who can do to them whatever he wants because he is the master of the house. Since the marriage is not consensual, it’s consummation is rape, the wedding night is going to be a night of terror, she will be beaten if she doesn’t obey the husband, she will be forced to have children.How can you even dare comparing that with going to school?

  • cepb1:

    @samana1fromsomalia You’re saying that people shouldn’t judge other people’s culture. I know full well that there is no one Islamic culture but there is a common culture amongst Islamic countries who are constantly judging Western culture. You’re from an Islamic culture so I’m asking you are all cultures exempt from criticism except for Western culture? You call Westerners judgemental; it’s the Muslims who want won’t tolerate anything but Islam.

  • TiaJon1:

    i noticed that a lot of people belive that the camera and crew should have intervined. I may dissagree withthe way they are doing this. I belive that it is due to their ignorance of choice and freedom. But i would not have intervined unless there was physical harm i agree with the fact that they belive it is right. this is how it’s been for centuries why intrupt it it will change nothing because they dont understand our ways. they might even kill someone who intervines.

  • TiaJon1:

    @emaresea your right . however they are exspecting her to marry and conduct some sort of sexual act in hopes of producing children. if she wont even marry him and she is fighting like this they should have some idea how she will resist him and the are putting her in danger. that is the difference. he will take what she wont give him. why subject a child to that torture.


    This is tough to watch.

  • Injask:

    Sad.. just sad.. :'( ..

  • Llarky:

    Cultural differences are fun and interesting. However, using cultural relativism to justfy human rights violations (although I do not think, what we are witnessing here in this video is too extreme as to say it’s a violation against human rights) and to inappropriately make a case against racism is ignorant and it only demonstrates one’s own self-conflict and his sense of inferiority.

  • samana1fromsomalia:


    Correction: There is obsolutely thing call ISLAMIC CULTURE. Every Muslim nation in this world has it’s own customs and culture. Westerners are so judgemental. This whole attemp to MODERNIZE the world is not only unrealistic is stupid. let people live the way they live.

    As you can see these people are NOT muslim I honestly don’t see what Islam has to do with anything.

  • cepb1:

    @samana1fromsomalia Well your Islamic culture spends enough time judging Western culture. So every culture is exempt from criticism except for Western culture?

  • bla34112:

    I dont have enough characters available to list all the differences.
    Its bullshit no matter what culture, however, if your point is that you shouldnt come down to hard on the parents because they only act within their culture… im gonna have to agree.

  • bla34112:

    i’m gonna have to disagree here, we can judge, some things are simply “bad”.
    And among those disgusting things are War, Slavery, Torture and this.
    Stop hiding behind culture, it is not sacred, it is not holy.
    Sure we have to be that our ethics are subjective, but question, are you gonna justify the flogging of sinners by the taliban? the killing of infidels? Slavery?
    You hold a cowardly position

  • LIVEMeltdown4ROCK:

    Damn the BBC to hell for not interviening – I’d have scrapped all relations with this tribe and the whole show if it meant saving that poor girl and any other who wanted to escape – I’d have taken them as refugees to womens refuge in Windhoek or somewhere in South Africa

  • LIVEMeltdown4ROCK:

    @samana1fromsomalia HUMANS ARE HUMANS YOU DOUBLE STANDARD DIMWIT! Fuck cultural values – they are NO excuse for cruelty – If I’d been there I’d have risked my life and battered down anyone who tried to stop me just to save that poor girl and wouldn’t have given a flying fuck about offending people, just as i’d do the same to save a girl from a backward honour killing- FORCED MARRIAGES ARE EVIL ACTS!

  • GirlyVoice:

    @samana1fromsomalia “it works for them”

    did you not see the young girl be dragged, crying to be more or less raped? I’m not making a judgement but I can’t see in what sense it “works”

  • skitza95:

    sucks to be her.. but if it works for the majority, they’re far better off than us westerners.

  • philkapune:

    @samana1fromsomalia people can judge others however they feel like. You’re judging another person when you tell them they shouldn’t be judging others, because you’re telling them you do not like their behavior based on your own ideology and values. Yep, essentially you’re being a hypocrite. sry ;)

  • 415866:

    Definately i think its unfair that people think that this is wrong, yes maybe according your cultur and customs it is however this is the norm for these people.We should not compare their way of living to the western because if we were to compare we would be comparing it to the culture of teenage pregnancies, divorce, lone parenting, sleeping with many people, drinking eccessive amounts of alcohol, smoking/drug misuse things that not all cultures want..maybe rightly so!

  • inshallah08:

    awful indeed it is!!

  • Rozyonnie:

    @malihoezkilla They have some sort of mud I forgot what they call it but it’s to protect their skin from the heat.

  • Rozyonnie:

    @samana1fromsomalia Even the liitle girl knows it’s wrong that’s why she crying that just wrong she’s a child, not only is she being forced into marriage but sex.


    @emaresea Perfect comparison

  • samana1fromsomalia:


    Can’t say I read that part. I assumed she was some sort of report doing a documentary about african tribes. anyhow this is THEIR of live, end of it.

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