Have the senate passed the unemployment extension for September 2009?

Question by Giggles: Have the senate passed the unemployment extension for September 2009?
Have the unemployment extension bee passed yet for 2009?

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Answer by Jay
No it passed the house on 9/22/09 and it is not on schedule yet for the senate. They’ll get to it when they feel like scheduling it. Keep googling the senate schedule with upcoming dates and look out for it. But they go home for a while on break after the first week of october but they will definately get to it before that.

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3 Responses to “Have the senate passed the unemployment extension for September 2009?”

  • Dale K:

    Not yet.
    The Senate is introducing a new companion bill ( S1699 ) which is almost identical to HR 3548 which passed the House on the 22nd and was forwarded to the Senate.
    From what I am hearing, it may be voted on either 9/29 or 9/30 for signing by Obama on the 1st

  • Joseph M:

    Based on everyting I’ve read on the Senate Aides blogs.. The Senate Bill will be voted on this coming week. The hold is centered around the debate of extending benefits to all states. Conventional wisdom says.. they will not. In any case, they will not go to recess without addressing it.

  • Robin:

    No, and It’s RIDICULOUS… Write, print & fax letters to your US Senators…! Email, call, write & fax… All your Senator’s info is on the US Senate Website..Eastern NC is Kay Hagan… Also, ask your Governor’s what they are doing to expedite Legislation HR 3548 or any like legislation… Remind them that this is an EMERGENCY..

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