Has anyone been sued by a collection agency after a foreclosure in Texas?

Concern by brittany w: Has anybody been taken legal action against by a collection agency after a foreclosure in Texas?.
I experienced a foreclosure in Texas last June due to a separation. Now I have a collection agency calling me daily concerning the staying balance. I am scared they will certainly sue me for it. Has this took place to anybody in Texas?

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Response by SweatingI thought Texas
was a non-recourse state.
I hope you get a good answer from one of those realty people.
The mortgage business may be from an additional state and not know this, or they are counting that you do not know the law, and trying to obtain cash out of you anyhow.

Google: Non-recourse states.
Texas should be on the list.


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3 Responses to “Has anyone been sued by a collection agency after a foreclosure in Texas?”

  • Steve Austin:

    When you lose your home by foreclosure,you still can be sued for any remaining mortgage balance.

    Mortgage lenders can try to obtain a a deficiency judgment. A deficiency judgment is an attempt to recover the difference between the loan balance and what the repossessed home sold for.

    Texas is a non-recourse mortgage state, where borrowers are not held personally liable for more than the home’s value at the time that the loan is repaid. If the foreclosure sale does not generate enough money to satisfy the loan, the lender must accept the loss.

    You are lucky you live in the Lone Star state…

    You want to check the Texas debt collection laws.

  • Quick Answers:

    Non-Recourse only applies to the first loan.

    A second loan, a HELOC, or refinancing are all recourse loans. A foreclosure on a recourse loan does not cancel the debt.

  • Calvin C:

    let them sue in TX as long as you are a true resident there is no wage garnishment so they will never collect

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