GGN- Economic News :: January 6, 2011 Part 2/2

GGN- Economic News :: January 6, 2011 Part 2/2

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! (Telegraph) People will be asked to give to charity every time they use a cash dispenser or pay with a bank card under government plans to increase philanthropy. – (Telegraph) Brussels has called for sweeping powers for regulators to seize failing EU banks, sack board members, and impose haircuts on senior bank debt, aiming to ensure that taxpayers are never again held hostage by high finance. – (Telegraph) Commuters forced to endure record New Year fare increases were dealt a double blow as severe delays due to engineering works crippled parts of the network. HEADLINES Central bank chief warns of inflation risk bit.ly Credit card withdrawal — Banks pull the plug on consumer revolving debt. Credit card debt outstanding contracts from nearly trillion to 0 billion. bit.ly Philanthropy plan: donate to charity every time you pay by bank card bit.ly Coming Soon to Debit Cards Near You: Annual Fees, Fewer Rewards bit.ly IRS agent faces 9 years for cheating on his taxes on.msnbc.com Record number of potholes and no money to repair them bit.ly EU says 2011 will be economically painful year bit.ly UK recovery threatened by weak services sector bit.ly Europe unveils sweeping plans to govern reckless banks bit.ly Volcker to Leave Obama Economic Advisory Panel on.wsj.com Pentagon Plans Billion in Spending Cuts on.wsj.com Algerians protest over price hikes www.presstv.com Aberdeen SNP councillors apply pay cut www.presstv.com Britain braces for more

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5 Responses to “GGN- Economic News :: January 6, 2011 Part 2/2”

  • deadman12078:

    It pisses me off how our city repaved streets last summer that were in great shape, and the streets that did need patching and repaving got no attention at all.

    your right about the debit card. You should collect interest on the money in your account (even checking) since the bank is making money on your money. At the very least stop with the charges and overdraft fees. If the account is short the sale should be denied. But then they (bank) would mak no money. Ever get charged $30 for coffee?

  • wiseroldowl:

    With all this sweeping.. you would think they would at least pass out free brooms! >.<

  • bozeman14:

    i’ll get back to you later – i’m dead tired.

  • ddarko2012:

    Lol, thank you.

  • asymthought:

    A sweepingly good report ..thanks ddarko

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