F Word: Gordon at Marshgate Prison

*Request* This was a requested clip for the onion chopping competition(in which the other guy won, and gordon offer him at job in 2007) I decided to upload the whole prison clip. Enjoy! :)

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25 Responses to “F Word: Gordon at Marshgate Prison”

  • wrekt2:

    kid didnt outchop gordon he cut the half onion in like 7 cuts.. the peices were thick as fuck.. gordon chopped them thinly and evenly

  • thedancegroupstudio1:

    Funniest part when he looked at him and then he chops slowly lol!!!

  • robiiiiee:

    @Good1Embiko I think its just because the prisoners have knives :P

  • jaberwocky6669:

    25 quid is $38.00 USD! That’s like half of American minumum wage which is $7.25! OMG

  • Good1Embiko:

    @winster626 seems like he respects prisoners more than normal ppl lol

  • lolyfoo1997:

    looks like the guy got let out of prison just when the video got posted

  • winster626:

    i love the way he treats everyone with equal respect, even prisoners

  • LostKoetzsch:

    that guy seems not enthusiastic to work for gordon LOL

  • gut197:

    I wonder if he took the job?

  • WillyTung:

    @niztelx Well of course the pound is worth more. But even still… 25pounds a day; he didn’t say HOUR. That’s a pretty crap wage even if you convert it into American dollars. I don’t know how long his shifts would be or if that’s just a starter wage… it’s still very little.

  • niztelx:

    @WillyTung haha… 1 British pound is more than a american dollar

  • 3yp0n:

    @lucirz wonder if Gordon was bullshitting when he told him to call lol

  • WillyTung:

    Did he say 25quid (pounds) per day? That isn’t a lot is it?

  • Ninjapimp187:

    man, these inmates are eating REAL chef crafted food with fresh vegetables and unprocessed meat, while the American public school kids are eating fried and processed crap. not sure how it is in the UK schools, but this really makes you think.

  • longnhardstuff:

    If I could go cook with Gordon, I’d go to jail anytime.

  • chowfon166:

    @medqua hes probably back in prison

  • nicksirna:

    fuk off thats prison thats better then my room they got tv cooldrinks able to go anywere ingounds and fukn cook home cooked nice meals that not even poor people get damn if i was poor i wuld go there rob someone jst to go to prison lol

  • userflock:

    THAT prison is Awesome! LOL compared to american ones

  • medqua:

    It’s 2010 now, that guy left prison 3 years ago. Wonder what happen with the job proposal.

  • bastymanguy:

    Wonder why Gordon asked “Kieron” (who own the chopping contest) to work at his restaurant? I certainly wouldn’t want a convicted rapist working along side me. Those low-class English hooligans are known for forcefully feeling up women when they’ve had too much to drink, no joke.

  • agumon51:

    I wonder if he really called gordon.

  • my89tube:

    If I was gordon I would never be in close proximity with prisoners while they have access to knives and other dangerous objects.

    But that was nice of gordon to this and for gordon to give that guy a job opportunity.

  • janaiba23:

    @DigbyCat Shut up Martin.

  • mauiboynokaoi:

    @thatsMrSmileytoyou That’s what I was thinking.

  • griller506:

    @lucirz out chopped by at least a quarter of an onion. Pretty slick.

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