Economic News & Viewer Email

Economic News & Viewer Email

Quick news update for March 3rd, 2013. Also a great email from a viewer. Thanks! Letter: I’m very curious/confused about precious metals as an ‘investment’ or an ‘insurance’. My own research from professionals on Youtube videos like Eric Sprott/Mike Maloney/David Morgan etc, show that they sometimes interchange between investment/insurance. I know that gold and silver is an insurance aka ‘hedge’ against currency debasement. When pricing gas to dollars we get a exponential curve with a sharp rise on the right of the graph. When gas is priced to gold or silver it remains flat surprisingly. Someone who has 90% junk silver can fill up gas today with a few coins at some stations that take silver or after selling silver at the coin shop. It’s like a time machine. I’ve always thought that silver was a monetary bookmark, a chance to buy things in the future at today’s prices. An anaology would be if you had a tv/cell/internet package that you know will jump in costs next year but you get a promo to continue paying at this year’s cost for another year. So whatever fiat people put into gold and silver today, it won’t make them a millionaire in hyperinflation scenerio, but let them still have purchasing power when everyone else still holding paper become beggars. I guess it is an investment that has no yields, not a productive asset, but maintains the wealth. It is a metal cup to hold the labor and time over a fiat paper cup. Someone told me that silver and gold will make me rich
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  • jkrogstad5:

    And I guess I’m part of that” dedicated few” . Hope the channel picks up. Cheers. Lotion is stupid.

  • hotneo7:

    Another great video! I think the student loan bubble is the next subprime meltdown. Instead of underwater homes we have underwater degrees. Peter Schiff and Doug Casey have forecasted this.

    I was shocked to see half of Americans was down to three digits with no rainy day fund for medical emergencies. There was a story of how people can’t afford a new car now, so much for auto bailout.

    The current economic ecosystem is unsustainable and lopsided.

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