Do you like Jockey Elance bikini underwear(men)?

Question by travelplus: Do you like Jockey Elance bikini underwear(men)?
I love wearing Jockey Elance Bikini underwear in many colors. What colors do you like to wear? I love the stripes and dark colors. Are there teens out there who are tired of boxers and wear Elance bikinis to school as underwear? Has anyone ever said cool underwear?

Is wearing Elance Bikinis in these days in the locker room? I don’t see too many guys wearing it but to me they are soo comfortable and stylish. Any opinions

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Answer by Vampyr
I don’t know any kind of guy that wears bikini underwear, it’s all about the boxers and boxer briefs. Only men who had their heydey in the 70’s wear bikini’s because it reminds them of the speedo. Very euro of you.

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2 Responses to “Do you like Jockey Elance bikini underwear(men)?”

  • riotanlineguy:

    I came of age in the 1970s when Speedos and bikini underwear for men was all the riot. I have worn Speedos since then and I still love my Elance Bikini underwear because it is what I wore in college and I love them and just kept wearing them. I’m not shy about my underwear choice. Some of us just like to keep wearing what’s stylish and comfortable for us.

  • marcel:

    I cannot wear redneck boxers. Very uncomfortable. Makes much more sense and MUCH more support with bikini/lowrise underwear. ‘Vampyr’…dude…it not a ’70s heyday’ dude. Get over it. Bikini briefs are here to stay.

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