cover letter and query letter….?

Question by kingdomheerts: cover letter and query letter….?
I know what a cover letter and a query letter is, but what’s the difference? A literary agency ask for a cover letter and a query letter, but what’s the difference? Are they the same? I’m having such trouble with this and I really don’t want to screw this up all because I didn’t know something. So please help!

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Answer by dargonsilver
A cover letter is basically there to “sell” your resume to the hiring person. It’s a way to highlight a few of your strengths and to explain how those strengths make you the perfect candidate for the job.

A query letter is similar, but it is a way to specifically showcase your writing skills rather than ALL your skills like a resume and cover letter do. Your query letter may be imaginative and creative or carefully formulated or it may be a simple explanatory paragraph attached to examples of articles you’ve written, etc. The whole point is to prove that your writing skills are up to the standards that would be expected if you if you gained this writing job. So, the theme of the query letter should be, more or less, “how I qualify to write the type of article/document you need.” If the type of writing you would do on the job is humorous, then make it a humorous explanation of your writing skills. If the type of writing they need is well-researched with facts, then explain by quoting examples of how your skills have been praised. And so on.

Cover letter = All your skills. Follows a fairly standard format. Attached to your resume.
Query letter = Writing skills mainly. Format is tailored to suit the job. If it’s attached to anything, it goes with a small portfolio of your writing work.

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  • eclipser88:

    Yes, there is a difference. Go to the Writer’s Digest website. They have many articles and samples for you to look at. It will benefit you to see this resource. Everything you need to know.

  • Roxy:

    If you say you know the difference why are you asking? They are the same, but used for different purposes. A cover letter is mainly for jobs whereas a query level is used for when writers want to sell their manuscript novels to publishers or agents. Either way it’s the same-an introduction of yourself and your work/job history.

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