Can you get both unemployment benefits AND medicaid?

My boyfriend is currently jobless and is receiving unemployment benefits. He hasn’t been to the doctor in a very long time and is starting to suffer from some ailments.

My question is:
Do people who get unemployment still qualify for Medicaid?
We’re in NY if location helps.

Please no mean comments about freeloading or saying “get a job”. We’re working on that already. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “Can you get both unemployment benefits AND medicaid?”

  • Tedi:

    You forgot to say his income. Medicaid is based on income. So go down and apply and if his income for unemployment is low enough he may get it.

  • Lori:

    In NY, you have to meet the federal guideline for disability unless you also have children in the household. Chances are if there are no children, he will not qualify. But he can still get care at any county medical facility or clinic and what he pays will be based on his income. or ability to pay.

  • Judy:

    If he’s eligible for each, yes he can, one doesn’t make him ineligible for the other.

  • jeff:

    in NYS you have to be under $288 per week for medicaid. my wife gets 300 a week from unemployment and i got run over on my motorcycle by a 91 year old lady with minimum insurance. we were told that we make too much. how is anyone suppose to live on 300 per week AND pay for health insurance out of pocket? cheapest plan I found was well over $500 a month plus high deductibles for everything. we are considering cancelling her unemployment so that we qualify. Now my doctor wont see me because i have no health insurance and my lawyer says im killing my case because im missing my doctors appointments.

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