Can you charge a customer taxes on labor service you provide in their home?

if you invoice them should taxes be added on the cost of the labor if that is what they are paying for labor only? in Maryland

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3 Responses to “Can you charge a customer taxes on labor service you provide in their home?”

  • badgerboise:

    Maryland does not assess sales tax on labor fees with one exception:

    The tax applies to fabrication labor charges. Fabrication or assembly labor charges are taxable even if the customer provides the materials.

  • ditzyb2001:

    I would think not. Would you expect to pay taxes on a mechanic who fixed your car? He will tax you on parts but not on labor. At least I don’t tax my labor charges. I guess you could if you wanted but that would be more you will be taxed on as well for your self employment. And you have no proof that you paid taxes on your own self. Just a thought.

  • don hilton:

    Why is it the federal government taxes my labor when i go to work,but a mechanic cant tax his labor when he fixes your car?But the IRS (asswipes) in turn taxes the mechanic on his labor.Funny how the IRS gets around the fact that taxing your labor is legal,its bullcrap.

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