Can unemployment take your federal tax return if you owe unemployment?

Question by : Can unemployment take your federal tax return if you owe unemployment?
My hubby was overpaid unemployment, and I know they can take your state, but can they take your federal? I have googled this question with not much luck. If it helps, we are in Missouri. Thanks in advance.

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Answer by SmartA$ $
The IRS does accept offsets from state unemployment agencies. Whether or not Missouri filed for an offset with the IRS is up to them.

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2 Responses to “Can unemployment take your federal tax return if you owe unemployment?”

  • Jeremy:

    if it has been put in for collections then yes

  • Ham:

    This is something new with the IRS…normally I would say no, but I know other states that have applied to the IRS to become a part of the “Treasury Offset Program (TOPS)”. However, there are a bunch of things that states must do before, the IRS will assist with collection of unemployment debt. One of the main things is that they have to show a good faith effort to collect on the debt outside of the IRS. You can goole “Treasury Offset Program (TOPS)” yourself and get more information about what is collectible via the IRS.

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