Can I resume my federal extension unemployment benefits after a few weeks of full-time work?

Question by : Can I resume my federal extension unemployment benefits after a few weeks of full-time work?
I’m currently starting the third tier federal extension of my unemployment benefits. I have not worked at all since I began collecting benefits 14 months ago. I may get a short-term job next week that is full-time for 4 weeks. If I report that work, can I resume collecting my third tier of federal extension benefits after the 4 weeks are over? If not, is there some lesser amount I could work and not mess up future benefits?

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Answer by Bobbie
And you should be smart enough to know that you will NOT get the correct answer that you want and need at this time in your life from any source other than from your unemployment insurance benefits office when the time comes and you apply for the UI benefits payment amount.
Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 07/20/2011

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3 Responses to “Can I resume my federal extension unemployment benefits after a few weeks of full-time work?”

  • Judy:

    Generally yes, assuming you don’t quit the job but it’s just temporary.

    Good luck.

  • chatsplas:

    YES it is possible you will still qualify if your job is temporary or seasonal and you don’t quit
    HOWEVER if you are offered the job and don’t take it, you will not qualify for unemployment
    Refusing any work, any hours can invalidate your benefits
    Generally, you can earn up to Half the benefit amount, without diminishing your benefits, and you MUST report wages earned
    IF it lasts 30 days (working days) it can be counted as your last employer

  • StephenWeinstein:

    If you decide to work a lesser amount, or not to work, then you mess up your future benefits and cannot collect any federal extension benefits. To be able to get 3rd or 4th tier federal extension benefits, you must be able and willing to accept whatever work is available, even if it pays less than what you lose in unemployment benefits.

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