Can I negotiate salary after receiving a job offer letter?

Question by Pixie: Can I negotiate salary after receiving a job offer letter?
I was made a job offer, I accepted it over the phone. Then received an offer letter. Now I’m thinking I should have asked for a $ 1000 a year more. As a rule do companies offer you a salary expecting you to ask for more or is this what you are getting? Is it customary to negotiate a salary at this point?

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Answer by bobhayes
You really needed to negotiate before you accepted the job.

Best wishes and God bless.

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7 Responses to “Can I negotiate salary after receiving a job offer letter?”

  • D S:

    show then you’re worth it first. you will probably get it after your prove yourself .

  • dino:

    Yikes…that would be really bad form to try and renegotiate on a deal you already accepted. I would just work hard and eventually you should get an even larger raise than $ 1K. The time to ask for the $ 1,000 was when the offer was initially brought up. On the bright side, it is only about $ 60/month after taxes.

  • Whit:

    You have every right to come back to the employer and say you’ve thought about it more and will require more salary. Of course, if I was giving you personal advice I’d ask you a little more about the kind of conversations you had and what was said over the phone when you accepted. (Also, are you really fretting over $ 1000 over a year? That probably nets out to about $ 10 or $ 15 per paycheck after taxes!)

  • xyzlmnop_tx:

    I think you missed your opportunity. If I were them, I would feel like it was a done deal since you said “yes” over the phone. The opportunity for negotiation was in that conversation. You could go back and negotiate at this point if you wanted to, but I don’t think this would make them happy and worst case, they could even choose to withdraw their offer if you chose to open that door.

    I would stick with what you agreed to on the phone, perform in an exemplary fashion and then use that performance as the basis for asking for a really good raise the first time they are going to consider you for an increase. If I were your boss I would respect you for this approach. Trying to renegotiate now would upset me if I was in their shoes.

  • wahaha:

    Forget about it. You don’t want to look badly just for that $ 1000.

  • ~Metalman Princess~:

    I Don’t Know… Maybe!

  • wahootexan:

    Only if you want your new employer to think you are a person of indecision. Is it worth the cost? It may cost you the job. I would find a reason to fire someone who cannot make up their mind. I don’t want someone that is going to bring down my business because they are wishy-washy.

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